KyuStar (kyustar) wrote,

A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 8/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves.


Ryeowook glared Yesung down with his glare and the duke shrunk back. 

"I-I didn't do anything! I swear!"

Ryeowook's glare only heightened before he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Yesung hung his head, sad that he could've been the reason that Henry was upset.

"Doesn't matter anyways. Mimi will take care of him."

Yesung's head snapped back up, eyes widening in alarm.

"Mimi? You call him Mimi now!?"

Ryeowook was slightly taken back but nodded his head, a look of confusion displayed on his face.

"Well duke Zhoumi and I have gotten to know each other better and I guess we're on nickname basis now..."

Yesung felt jealous and hopeless. Nickname basis meant that they were fairly good friends now... possibly... something more? He clenched his eyes shut and crossed his arms. Then he plopped to the ground and sat there.

Ryeowook couldn't help but giggle seeing the duke just plop down like that with that cute pout on his face. It made him look incredibly adorable. He approached Yesung and crouched down in front of him, arms coming around to wrap around his knees, head resting on top.

"What's wrong Yesungshi?"

Yesung hearing the 'shi' at the end of his name 'hmped' and refused to look the other in the eye.

"Zhoumi gets a nickname. And I don't. Thats not fair."

Ryeowook blinked a couple times in surprise before laughing outloud, loosing balance. He tumbled back and landed on his bum, arms clutching around his stomach.

Yesung forgot about being upset at hearing the melodious laugh. Ryeowook didn't notice his stare and tried to calm himself down, wiping away tears from his eyes.

Ryeowook recovered from his laughing fit and gave a grin towards Yesung. Not really understanding what was going on at the moment, Yesung grinned back.

"If you want a nickname Yesungshi, we have to get better aquainted."

Yesung's grin dropped from his face, a look of disbelief crossing his features. Ryeowook merely grinned and got up and starting walking away.

Yesung watched the boy walk down the end of the hall before turning back towards him.

"Well Yesungshi? I thought you wanted us to get better aquainted?", and with that said turned a corner.

Yesung sat there for another full 10 seconds before breaking out into a goofy grin, dashing after the servant boy while almost tripping as he tried to get up.


Henry dashed through the kitchen doors and immediately headed towards the corner of the kitchen where all the potatoes were supplied and sat behind one of the sacks.

He pulled his knees up and buried his face into them, arms wrapping around his kneecaps and head. He started to cry and stifled a sob, trying to tell himself that this was pathetic and that he should just forget about it.

He didn't notice that Zhoumi had been following him and neither noticed how Zhoumi quietly sat in front of the crying boy until the duke placed a hand on the side of Henry's knee.

Zhoumi's heart clenched at the sight og Henry crying and said the only thing he knew that could be of any help.

"It's alright Henry. Let it out, I'll be here for you."

Not knowing what came over him, Henry immediately jumped towards Zhoumi, crashing against the duke's chest, clutching the male's shirt tightly as he buried his face, crying.

Zhoumi merely wrapped his arms around the boy that was on his lap and rocked his body gently back and forth, tucking his head under his own chin and whispering soothing noises.

After a while Henry sniffled and began to calm down. However, unlike those typical stories Ryeowook has read to him where the person jumps away in embarressment, Henry snuggled in closer, breathing in the other's scent deeply.

"....You alright Henry?"

Henry nodded slightly and then let go of his grasp on the other's shirt and loosly wrapped them around the other's lean waist.

"I... I was found in box... when I was four... then Sungmin hyung and Ryeowook hyung found me and we've been together ever since. Then we were c...captured by that m-man. And then we were isolated from the world. I-I only had Min hyung and Ryeo hyung all my life... and I-I've never really liked anyone before. Then I met Yesung hyung... and I guess you can say he was my f-first love... but he likes someone else... I can tell..."

Zhoumi only clutched the boy tighter to him, feeling Henry shake slightly.

"I feel so stupid. I overreact like this all the time... but it really hurts Zhoumi... and I really like Yesung... but...he..."

Henry hugged the boy tighter as the tears started to well up again. Zhoumi stroked the boys hair as he spoke softly.

"First loves... are always unrequainted. But that's only because it's your first. It's meant to be that way, because then it helps you grow from that pain and it prepares you for many others thats to come. But the pain is good Henry, because even though it makes you more cautious of love, it also helps you identify the love that's most precious and most honest. True love. So first loves are meant to be unrequainted so that it could prepare you for your most precious person."

The two sat there quietly, in each others arms, Zhoumi still hugging the boy and stroking his hair while Henry sat there taking in all that Zhoumi had said.

Henry tried to say something to the other but words failed to form so he just clug onto the other tighter. Zhoumi closed his eyes and buried his face gently on top of the boy's head and took a deep breath, already knowing what Henry was trying to say.

'Thank you.'


Sungmin felt excitement swell up in his chest. Kyuhyun had promsied him to take him to the play down by the village in two weeks and he couldn't wait to tell his dongsangdels.

Kyuhyun chuckled as he saw the cute expression on his hyung's face before he turned back to reading his book.

The two left their 'special spot' to come to the library to read. Kyuhyun for one was content, seeing as he enjoyed reading half the time. Sungmin usually wasn't one to read at all but thoughts of the play had kept his mind busy.

After a while however, Sungmin felt bored and decided to wander around the prince's library, being careful this time as to not to climb on top of any of them.

After a few rounds Sungmin headed towards the prince before he had an idea. Giggling, he quietly tiptoed behind the prince's chair and just when he was close enough he placed his hands in front of the younger's eyes.

With a startled yelp Kyuhyun almost dropped his book.

"Guess who~?"

Kyuhyun let a grin escape his face before it quickly formed into a smirk. He pretened to not know who it was which only made the older boy giggle.

"Hmm... this is hard. I wonder who this could be... oh! Judging by that adorable giggling", Sungmin giggled and blushed,"its... Henry!"

Laughing Sungmin finally dropped his hands from Kyuhyun's face, smacking the prince's shoulders. "Yah! It's me!"

Kyuhyun grinned and turned around from his chair on his knees as he pulled Sungmin towards himself.

"Ah so it is."

Sungmin's giggling subsided as he noticed Kyuhyun's face getting closer to his own. Blushing he tried to look away but failed as Kyuhyun's hand grasped his chin firmly.

"K-Kyu? W-What are y-you d-doing?"


Just as Kyuhyun's lips were about to meet Sungmin's, someone cleared their throat by the open door. Startling both boys out of their trance, they jumped away from each other, both red in the face.

Kyuhyun turned to face the person clearing his throat in embarressment.

"Eh heh, y-you d-didn't see a-any--"

The prince's eyes widened in shock as he saw the person that stood by the door, unable to finish his sentence. Curiously (but still as red as a tomato), Sungmin shyly looked up and saw a girl who looked rather average in size, large brown eyes and fairly pale skin.


The girl smirked as she crossed her arms. Sungmin couldn't help but notice that the girl looked slightly demonic, her eyes glistening.

"So Kyuhyun, miss me?"


Sungmin looked at the pair curiously and couldn't help but voice out his question.

"W-Who is she Kyu?"

Before Kyuhyun could even process the question, the girl spoke up, eyes still fixed on the gaping prince, a smirk gracing her lips.

"I'm the love of Kyuhyunnies life."


TWIST!?!??! I THINK SO. sorry for the really late update thing guys... bad author i know... :P

Tags: a prince and his manservant 8

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