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A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 7/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves.

SORRY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FORGIVE MEE~~~~~~~~~

The week passed with much silence, and the king and his advisor and chef were never so happy in their entire lives. Till the next week rolled along and the queen and Heechul had recovered.



The queen and Heechul were found in a dramatic embrace with floating hearts and a sunset in the background. Siwon never has once doubted God, but there was a first for everything.

"G-God... he is just... is he not? Then why would he... ", Siwon was suffering in the corner of his room with Hankyung patting his back and telling (one of) his lovers that it was alright.

The king... was not to be found as of the moment.

Meanwhile Zhoumi had restless nights of sleep as he noticed how Henry was becoming very attached his cousin. Ryeowook noticed the constant rustles of the duke and frequently sat by the edge of his bed and soothed him with a lullaby till the duke fell asleep.

Ryeowook has most definately warmed up to Zhoumi after the past month and he was at least pleased with that.

Yehsung however, never noticed Henry's feelings towards him, but most definately noticed the rather fondness Ryeowook showed towards Zhoumi. Which bothered him to an extreme extent (since after all, he is sorta extreme. doesnt really think twice about anything...), and Henry, seeing as all he did was stare at Yehsung, noticed.

He felt rather discouraged, but decided not to give up without a fight which took more countless nights of rustling from Zhoumi, which made it more frequent for Ryeowook to sit by his bed and talk or soothe him, which made Yehsung see the relationship between the two grow which frustrated him even more. Ah the cycle of love...

Kyuhyun and Sungmin however were inseperatable at this point and quite open with each other. Kyuhyun being the smarter of the three royalties noticed the conflicting love web and found it very frustrating.

Sungmin noticed as well, since Ryeowook and Henry were practically his baby brothers, and too found it slightly frustrating.

"Its annoying."

Sungmin couldn't help but giggle at Kyuhyun's weariness of the web and couldn't help but nod in agreement. The two were in their secert place and were sitting on the grass, talking about random things, but mostly about the ZhouWookSungRy (lol).

"This is like those plays I've been to. But worse.", Sungmin tilted his head to the side in confusment.


Kyuhyun lifted an eyebrow. "You do know what a play is... don't you?" The bunny boy shook his head no and explained that since he was in a cellar most his life, he didn't know many common things.

Kyuhyun clenched his fist in anger, the thought of Sungmin being in a cellar for most his life... he was gonna have to have a word with this 'slave trader'.

He tried to relax his face and smiled at his hyung. "Instead of explaining, how about I take you to one?"

Sungmin's eyes sparkled with intensity and agreed immediately. He may not have known what it was, but more time with Kyuhyun must've been a good thing anyways.

Kyuhyun smiled at the other male's eagerness. "Theres going to be one in two weeks down at the village. It's actually a japanese group travelling across out land, so I think this will be a good cultural lesson for you hyung."

Sungmin jumped up in excitement and glomped onthe prince which led to Kyuhyun falling on his back with his hyung on top of him. Sungmin continued to laugh with glee, failing to notice their rather intimate position.

Kyuhyun noticed and blushed immediately, the feeling of Sungmin's shaking chest pressed onto his wasn't helping the matter.

"Eh? What's wrong Kyu?"

Sungmin lifted himself up enough to look down on him with his big doe eyes, head tilted to one side. He looked so damn innocent... and the thoughts going through the prince's head wasn't so innocent.

Feeling guilty and rather frustrated, he gently lifted his hyung up and sat up, leaning on one hand, the other around his waist. Sungmin was now between the prince's legs, arms sliding down to hang loosely on the Kyuhyun's narrow hips.


Kyuhyun shook his head and sighed aloud. "Hyung... you have no idea what your doing to me, do you?"

Sungmin gazed at him with a new glaze of confusion on his face. "Doing to you? Am I hurting you Kyu!?" Sungmin panicked and immediately tried to back away from him. Kyuhyun couldn't help but chuckle and tug Sungmin's flailing arm towards himself. Sungmin landed on the others chest with a small thud.

"..Kyu?" Sungmin looked up to see the boy's eyes were closed and he had a small smile on his face. Not really following, Sungmin laid his head on Kyuhyun's chest, a small smile of his own gracing his face and giggled.

Kyuhyun was so cute when he smiled. He felt the prince being to stroke his hair with his spare hand and he sighed in contentment. He was rather confused with the fluttering of emotions, but at the moment he didn't care.

Cause it felt so good to be with Kyuhyun.



The english teacher turned to the voice and smiled at the science teacher. "Jaejoong! What are you doing? Aren't you supposed to be with Yuhno?"

Jaejoong shook his head and muttered about his lover spending his time with the horses rather then himself. Eeteuk laughed and almost yelped when he felt arms go around his waist.

"Kangin! What if someone sees us!?" The said man tried to pout cutely (which totally worked on Eeteuk) and tightened his hold.

"But know one's around~ We're in the teacher's quarters anyways."

Jaejoong rolled his eyes, slightly envious of the pda. He started to question himself. What did those damn horses have that he didn't!?

He was startled out of his thoughts when large hands covered his eyes.

"Guess who~?"

Jaejoong frowned and released a 'hmp' rather then an answer. The hand immediately drop down to wrap aroung his shoulders from behind and a head rested by his.

"Joongie? What's wrong?"

Jaejoong continued to ignore him as he pouted. Yuhno continued to ask what was wrong and tears gathered around his eyes. He swiftly looked at his lover's face and began to cry as he spoke.

"W-What do those *hiccup* damn h-horses have *sniff* that I don't!?"

Yuhno merely chuckled as he tightened his hold on his lover and wiped away his tears. "Silly, what makes you think like that?"

Jaejoong looked at him with his huge eyes as he rubbed at them. "You spend *sniff* more time with them then me."

The gym teacher told him to close his eyes, which he reluctantly did, and when told to open he gasped. A single red rose was presented to him, thorns cut off from the stem.


Yuhno merely grinned at his lover's confused gaze. "I knew you felt a little down the past couple days, so I went out today to get you your favorite flower."

Jaejoong held it between his fingers and he began to cry again, a sniffled thank you being spoken. Smiling Yuhno jumped over into the loveseat and pulled his lover to his chest as he combed through his hair.

While all this was happening Eetuek kept pestering why Kangin couldn't be that sweet. Kangin swore he would should Yuhno up. Next week. Or month.


Ryeowook was in the public library (in the castle. there's kyuhyun's private library and another, more larger one, for everyone else to use) reading an action (COUGH ROMANCE COUGH) novel, eagerly flipping through the pages. Before he could flip to the next page, Zhoumi plopped himself next to him.

Ryeowook glanced at the duke (now much more relaxed around him due to their nightly lullaby rustling) and sighed. "Yes Zhoumi?"

Zhoumi pouted at the sigh and placed his head on the table. "I'm bored Wookie~"

The said boy raised an eyebrow. "And...?"

Zhoumi continued to pout. "Play with me~"

"...*sigh*.. What would you like to do Zhoumi?"

The duke perked up immediately and tugged at Ryeowook hand and bolted for the door. They didn't get far before they bumped into Yehsung and Henry.

Yehsung and Henry were having a lively conversation when they saw the two ahead. Yehsung saw Zhoumi and Ryeowook's hands clasped together and he couldn't help but feel jealous.

Henry noticed the frown on the duke's face and noticed the cause of the frown. He dropped his gaze, hurt that Ryeowook was more important as the moment to continue their conversation.

"Yehsung! Henry!"

Zhoumi grinned at them, trying to brush away they feeling of jealousy as he saw the two alone having fun with each other.

Ryeowook gave a small smile and bowed lightly to Yehsung as Henry tried to conceal his sadness with a bright smile and wave.

Ryeowook noticed Henry's fake expression and wore a small frown on his face. He immediately let go of Zhoumi's hand (much to Yehsung's relief) and headed towards Henry.

He looked at the younger boy worriedly and whispered as so the two duke's couldn't hear. "Are you alright Henry?"

Henry tried to look away as he nodded. Not fooled Ryeowook asked again, a little louder then intended.

"Eh? Henry? Are you tired or something?", Yehsung asked, worried. Henry wanted to cry at that moment. So Yehsung notices even the slightest things with Ryeowook from a mile away, yet he didn't notice a thing with Henry when he was right beside him.

"Y-Yah, I'm just, um, hungry, I'll go to kitchen, if thats okay with you Yehsung.."

Confused, the duke nodded and added an "Of Course!".

Henry swiftly darted towards the kitchen. Before Ryeowook could head after him, Zhoumi sped past him, turning back to Ryeowook.

"I got it."

That was all the Zhoumi had to say and Ryeowook halted as he watched his dongsang head down the hall with Zhoumi chasing after him.

Yehsung continued to stand confused, worried about Henry until he noticed that he and Ryeowook were alone. He immediately began to feel nervous. Before he could speak, the servant turned to the duke.

Yehsung stood shocked seeing Ryeowook's angered expression. The servant tried to control his anger and spoke as calmly as he could.

"What did you do?"



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