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A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 5/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves.

Chapter Dedicated to kim_hae_eun because of the comments and reviews that brighten up my day :) THANK YOU :D


After a couple of weeks Sungmin, Ryeowook, and Henry settled in, Sungmin being a little bit more open to the prince while Ryeowook kept his manners while Henry got along with Yehsung swellingly, even as far as making jokes and laughing at the prince. They were friendly towards each other.

"And THEN I jumped behind the fence and they didn't even NOTICE!" Heny laughed, gesturing with his hands a large explosion, exagerrating even with facial expressions.

Well maybe a little too friendly.

Either way, Yehsung laughed along, falling to the ground at the hilarity of it all. Ryeowook tried to look as calm as possible, praying to God that Henry wouldn't get them kicked out.

Yehsung and Henry were patting each others back, linking arms, hugging each other in a drunken manner, and went as far as 'wooting' around the castle, spinning their arms in the air.

Ryeowook could feel the stress building up in him. He tried to breathe, doing exercises as Zhoumi looked at him amused. His servant sure was tightly wound up. He was the only one who hadn't loosened up. He still referred to him formally.

He sighed. Well he would have to work harder to be better friends with him he supposed. He laughed as Henry and Yehsung were having race, riding on the brooms down the hall. The boy was sure a bundle of energy...

Yehsung and Henry panted, tying. Henry collapsed to the ground (its a LONG hall man) and tried to gulp for air. Yehsung pretended to feed his 'horse' some air water. He glanced at Ryeowook and his cousin to see that the servant looked like he was gonna strangle himself while his cousin was staring at Henry.

As Ryeowook made eye contact with him he swiftly turned his head, a tint of pink splashed across his cheeks. Ryeowook merely tilted one head the side, wondering if the prince was possibly sick.

Yehsung glanced over slightly to see the cuteness of Ryeowook and his tilted confused face/head and once again swiftly turned his head to Henry, who was being helped up by Zhoumi.

"I'll take Sir Lancealot here to the kitchens." Yehsung nodded as Zhoumi left with Henry, hand in hand. Said servant didn't seem to notice as he waved at Yehsung with that cute goofy little kid smile. 

Zhoumi glanced at Henry and laughed. Damn Henry was just too cute.

As they turned the corner Yehsung was surprised to see a white hankerchief infront of him. He followed the arm to see Ryeowook smiling at him.

"Here you are your majesty."

Yehsung blushed again as he took the offered item, fingers grazing against the petit boy. Surprised by the tingle he dropped it, quickly bending down to retrieve it as Ryeowook did the same.

Their heads painfully hit each other and they both fell back on their butts, hands on their injury. Ryeowook winced as he rubbed his head gently while Yehsung cried out.

"OW! Dammit that hurt! Ow, ow ow ow ow ow ow~" the duke rubbed his head furiously as Ryeowook blushed and apologized. "Ow, it's okay Ryeowookah, are you alright though?"

Ryeowook nodded, a small smile on his face. Yehsung smlied back brightly looking much like a child. Ryeowook couldn't help but laugh trying to cover his mouth with his hands.

Yehsung's smile widened and he clapped his hands together. "Yay! You laughed Ryeowook! Your laugh is real nice, you should laugh more! Oh can you sing? Do you like to sing? Wanna sing with me!? OH YAH! We should sing together Ryeowookah!"

Ryeowook couldn't help but blush, laughter growing louder, Yehsung too laughing along with the boy. The two merely sat in the middle of the hall, a hankerchief between them, Yehsung telling Ryeowook stories that made him laugh harder.


Henry, being the slow slow hamster he was, didn't seem to notice that he was still walking hand in hand with the duke. He merely skipped along, thinking about a certain chocolate cupcake he spotted earily that morning.

Zhoumi felt himself getting excited, all due to the fact that he was holding the boys hand. He pushed the giddyness aside, putting the feeling into the category of 'brotherly' feelings.

Content he and Henry soon reached the kitchens and Henry immediately sprinted to the pastry section (yes there are many sections in the kitchen) and quickly searched for the much desired cupcake.

Zhoumi leaned against the counter, watching Henry hunt for his food. The said boy was sniffing the air, trying to get the whiff of chocolate he was desperately searching for. Zhoumi chuckled, clearly amused.

After a couple more whiffs Henry spotted his cupcake and grabbed it immeditaley, grabbing a vanilla as he headed to the duke. He smiled as he handed the vanilla to Zhoumi and sat on the counter across from him.

He took a bite of his cupcake and moaned in estcay from the chocolatelyness. Zhoumi felt slightly warm as he heard the moan. Shaking his head he ignored the feeling and bit into the cupcake.

"So, do you like it? I didn't know if you like vanilla or chocolate, buit I wanted the chocolate and so I gave you the vanilla."

Zhoumi almost laughed at seeing Henry's face, chocolate patches covering his face. "You have chocolate on your face."

"Eh?" Henry quickly reached up and wiped the chocolate with his sleeve. "Thanks" he grinned, and Zhoumi chuckled this time, seeing that the boy missed a spot.

He licked his thumb and brought it up to the other boy's face and wiped off the smudge. That seemed to be some sort of wakeup call cause Henry suddenly realised that Zhoumi was a duke and blushed heavily.

He practically fell off the counter and bowed multiple times, a sorry at every bow. Zhoumi laughed out loud and Henry looked up with hesitation, fear and embaressment all over his face.

"I-Its *laugh* alright Henry!" Henry blushed and looked down at his shoes. Zhoumi wiped the tear away from his eyes and smiled at the boy who looked up cautiously.

 "It's alright Henry, you don't have to be so formal around me. Just act like you usually would" the servant boy's eyes lit up as he smiled hopefully at the duke. "R-Really?"

Zhoumi smiled back and nodded. Henry beamed at him and immediately started talking about how delicious the cupcake was and how he should give the chef an award.

Zhoumi tried to ignore the butterflies in his stomach once he saw Henry's beaming face. They continued to talk about various things in life, not noticing that a certain chef and his girly-boyfriend watch behind the crack of the slightly open door.

The said girly man grinned, which to the chef looked completely unsafe. "Her majesty would be so pleased by this scenery right here."

Hankyung sighed as he faced his boyfriend with worry etched on his face. Heechul merely snickered to himself, remembering every single thing that happened as so he could report to the queen in full detail.

" scratch that most of the time scare me." The man merely smirked wider as he gave a peck on the other males cheek. "Yah and thats why you love me~"

Hankyung merely rolled his eyes, a small smile on his lips.


Kyuhyun tugged at Sungmin's hand to the stables and led him to a stall which contained a beautiful black horse, coat gleaming and mane brushed smoothly.

Sungmin gulped, having a slight fear of animals other then rabbits, and unconciously leaned into Kyuhyun lightly, clutching his arm.

"Come one Sungmin hyung, I'll get you a horse!" Kyuhyun was too excited to notice that his hyung seemed to be slightly terrified of the animal.

"I-Its okay Kyuhyunah, y-you can go b-by yourself, I-I'll wait h-here."

Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow as he turned to his hyung. "Hyung...are you scared of horses?" Sungmin gulped and nodded, "I-Im also s-scared of a-animals in g-general."

Kyuhyun chuckled, his hyungs expression too cute for words, and pulled at his arm lightly. "Don't worry hyung, you can ride with me today."

Sungmin shook his head no and clung to Kyuhyun's arm harder as the horse leaned into him. "Pleeeeaaasssee~ hyung? For me?" Sungmin looked up to see the prince and his irresistably cute puppy dog eyes and his even cuter pout. Trying to resist he tried to say no. Which somehow ended up into a hesitant 'o-okay'.

Grinning he called the stable boys to fetch the horse gear and equipment. One of the boys ran towards the prince with a large gum showing grin. "Ah, Prince Kyu, long time no see."

Kyuhyun smiled back as the boy started to prepare the horse. "Hey Eunhyuk hyung!" Eunhyuk just laughed as he strapped the horse its equipment.

Soon enough another stable boy ran towards them, carrots in hand and waved excitedly. "KYU~!!!" Sungmin blinked in slight shock, surprised that many were actually friendly with Kyuhyun.

"Ah, hey Fishy hyung~" said hyung pouted as he handed the horse a carrot. "It's DONGHAE! Or Aiden!" he smiled goofily and Sungmin couldn't help but laugh.

Eunhyuk and Donghae seemed to finally notice Sungmin, who was safely behind the prince at this point, grinned.

"OHHHH~ Kyuhyun has a LOVER???" Eunhyuk teased as Donghae wiggled his eyebrows. The prince and his servant blushed furiously as they stepped apart from each other.

"N-NO! I-I'm j-just his s-servant!" Donghae and Eunhyuk 'oohed' and dropped it, much to the two blushing boys relief.

"So your one of the servants aye? We only heard, first time meeting you. I'm Eunhyuk by the way." Eunhyuk grinned and Donghae jumped in immediatley to introduce himself. "AND I'M DONNNGGGHAEEE~"

Sungmin smiled, they were nice. "I'm Sungmin."

The four talked more, Donghae and Eunhyuk bringing the lover thing back up, which flustered Kyuhyun and Sungmin even further. Soon Eunhyuk and Donghae bid them farewell and left, tending to the other horses.

Kyuhyun grabbed Sungmin's hand and gently lifted the boy up on the horse and soon followed after. The moment he was on Sungmin clutched onto Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun merely chuckled.

"Don't worry hyung, just hold on tight." Sungmin buried his head into Kyuhyun's back and nodded. Soon Kyuhyun signaled the horse to move. They left the field and into a forest, Kyuhyun making small talk, trying to ease Sungmin from his fear.

"I wanna show you this place, it's really nice. Yehsung and Zhoumi are the only ones who know about it. I think you'll like it as much as I do."

Soon as he finished his sentence, they came into a clearing that was small, quiet, and quite beautiful. Not extraordinarily like those secret gardens he read from  those romance novels (which belonged to Ryeowook mind you, Sungmin was merely glancing at each and every page, GOSH) but its simplicity was beautiful.

Not colourful flowers that were all over  the field, but instead small forget-me-nots and daisies were splattered all over the hill, and a tall tree that shaded the area beneath it. No birds that sang songs, no pesky squirrels, just a couple of butterflies and dragonflies were in the area.

The grass wasn't a fresh spring green, it was just a nice shade of regular green, and the leaves on the tree didn't sparkle in the sun. It just swayed gently in the wind, and Sungmin smiled widely.

"Its...perfect..." Kyuhyun smiled hearing the breathlessness in his hyungs voice. "Glad you like it. It's simple and all, nothing magical or anything like that..."

Sungmin smiled wider as he grabbed Kyuhyun's hand. "Yah but its realistic, its nice, its peaceful. It brings a nice calm feeling just being here."

Kyuhyun blushed lightly and smiled back at his hyung and got off the horse, catching his hyung as he jumped off. They gave the horse an apple and let it rest as Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin to the small open hill.

Kyuhyun sat down, Sungmin beside him. They started to talk about random things, not noticing the time that passed, just focusing on each other, enjoying the time they shared.


Back in the castle, a certain translator spilled the beans to the all too eager queen and a loud squeal abrupted from the two.

"THAT IS ADORABLE!!! I TOLD you I had a good feeling about Henry!" The queen and Heechul squealed some more and clasped their hands in joy, hopping up and down in excitement.

"AND, I was informed by the stable boys that the Prince and Sungmin left the field and into the forest!" The king sighed as his beloved wife and her 'best girlfriend' squealed like little girls who got a boyfriend for the first time.

He rubbed his temples and faced the chef and his advisor. "What are they?" Hankyung sighed while Siwon closed his book. "Its a mystery still undiscovered. We have the best researchers and scientists in the country trying to figure this out as we speak."

Hankyung looked wearily at Siwon as he leaned into the man, arms wrapping around him, the king merely wondering how those two could squeal for this long. 

"I think we need psychiatrists rather then scientists..."


Im sorry it wasnt ultra special or anything .. :(
pretty sad for a dedication, sorry >_<
but i hoped everyone liked this chapter, its the longest i wrote so far~ ^_^


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  • A Prince and His Manservant

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