KyuStar (kyustar) wrote,

A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 4/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves.

"Um, Sungmin?"

The boy sat up immediately hearing his name and faced the doorway to see the prince trying to hold in his laughter. Blushing he leapt up from the ground and attempted to fix his hair as the prince walked in.

Smiling, Kyuhyun reached behind Sungmin's head and fixed a piece of hair sticking out, causing the boy to blush even more. Laughing he sat in one of the arm chairs, gesturing Sungmin to take the other across from him.

"S-So, h-how did it go with the q-queen your majesty?" Kyuhyun sighed, rubbing his temples. "Well apparently, your bed was 'stolen by talking, walking orange rats that wore green shirts' because they 'claimed' that their 'main diet' was a servant's bed."

Sungmin blinked in confusion. "O-Orange r-rats?"

Kyuhyun sighed heavily. "I know, my mother is a terrible liar. Couldn't lie to save her own life." Sungmin coughed, trying not to laugh. The queen sure had a 'fun' personality.

They sat in awkward silence. "I'll sleep on one of the chairs, you can take the bed Sungmin." The servant shook his head furiously. "N-No your majesty! I-I'll sleep on the chair! I-I can sleep on anything, i-it was my previous living condition afterall."

Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow before a small smile broke out. "Well I don't mind if we share the bed, its large enough to hold 3-4 people. Are you alright with that?"

Sungmin blushed but nodded, happy that the prince was so kind. They decided to go down and eat dinner, Kyuhyun leading as always. They entered the room and sat down, the others already seated besides the king and queen.

"U-Um do we w-wait for her majesty?" Sungmin asked. Kyuhyun said no, saying that the king and queen ate seperately from them to give them some privacy.

Zhoumi snorted, "More like, 'I want to keep the LOVE between me and my kingy-wingy bear to continue to BURRN with the passion of YOUTH!!!', quoted from the queen herself."

Kyuhyun flushed in embaressment while Zhoumi and Yehsung laughed so hard they turned pink. Ryeowook looked down, trying to hold in his laughter as Henry bit his tongue while Sungmin coughed again.

"A-Anyways, Sungmin you sit beside me." As the sat they food came in and the three servant boys gasped in amazement. Ryeowook looked away from the plate as he turned to Zhoumi.

"S-Shouldn't we eat with the other servants your majesty?" Zhoumi smiled as he placed a large portion of a chicken leg on Ryeowook's plate. "No you guys are our personal slaves, so you get special priviledges."

Yehsung and Kyuhyun groaned. "Why do you sound so damn perverted Mimi? You give us nobles a bad name."

Zhoumi merely smirked as he reached for the pork, taking the biggest chunk he could earning him a protest from Yehsung.

Henry's mind however seemed to focus on the food alone, forgetting he was in the presence of three royals he scarfed down the food like there was no tomorrow. Ryeowook and Sungmin tried to stop him in horror at Henry's behaviour, stopped by Zhoumi as he placed a finger in front of his smiling mouth, telling them to stay quiet.

He watched the boy and couldn't believe how adorable he was at eating. Maybe this was brotherly love? Yah it had to be it. What other explantion was there?

With that set in mind he piled more food on Henry's plate, chuckling as the boy looked up at him with a huge smile, puffed up cheeks, mouth full of food, and twinkling crinkled eyes.

Unfortunately Henry forgot all about Zhoumi being a duke, and thanked him, some food spitting out, and dug back in. Zhoumi merely blinked and then laughed, wiping off some of the bits.

Sungmin would have banged his head on the table if not for the plate in front of him and Ryeowook was currently being distracted by Yehsung who insisted on having all of the servant boy's attention to himself.

He was startled when bread appeared in front of him. He looked to he side to see the prince smiling and offering him the said piece of bread. With a small smile he accepted it, fingers brushing slightly against each other sending a small shock down his spine. He turned a shy shade of pink and looked down at his plate, missing the small blush on the prince's face.

Zhoumi, being the sly dog he was, noticed the small interaction and smiled to himself looking towards Yehsung's direction and faltered seeing the boy wave his arms in the air dramatically, telling Ryeowook about his adventure with king kong and the dinosaurs.

He sighed to himself. Yehsung probably didn't even know what a god damn dinosaur was.


As dinner was finished Henry was still in a daze, merely following Yehsung as the duke called him while Zhoumi chuckled and tugged Ryeowook in the direction they were going.

Kyuhyun stood and asked if Sungmin didn't mind going to the library with him, and Sungmin merely nodded. The two strode down the hall and into a library and Sungmin gasped again.

Every inch of the walls were covered in books, a ladder along the shelves to reach at the ones higher up. A fire place was set against the wall on one side, a rug and royal purple carpet covering the floors. Chairs, cushions, and tables were scattered throughout the room, and a window was on the wall in front of him, a small enough lege to fit in two people to sit on.

"Yah this is my personal library, help yourself to any of the books at anytime. You can take some out if you'd like." Sungmin merely nodded, still amazed by the size and the extravagence of one single library.

Kyuhyun sat down in one of the chairs, picking up a book that was placed on the seat and began reading. Sungmin immediately began searching for a book. Despite being a servant, he and his dongsangs were highly capable of readining and writing.

He was surprised to find many genres, even romance on the shelves and plucked out a romance book, knowing Ryeowook would enjoy it. He continued searching and even found a book Henry would like.

Sungmin then looked at one of the books a little higher up on the shelves and almost dropped the books he was holding, squealing in delight.

There, on the high shelf was a book on something Sungmin was always interested in learning. War tactics. Of course Sungmin despised war with all his cute little heart, but he loved creating war tactics. It was fun.

Some think its slightly disturbing, but he found the thing fun. Not actually going to war, god no, just being able to strategize it all and making yourself feel like a bloody genius.

Kyuhyun looked up from his book and smiled, seeing the boy happy made him feel content. He watched the boy, book aside, and continued to laugh to himself quietly.

Sungmin eagerly placed the books he was holding on a shelf and grabbed unto a ladder, climbing up. He was unaware at how truely high up he was. Not enough to die, but he could sprain a ankle.

He reached the book, fingers slightly grazing the spine of the book. Huffing in fustration he reached further, not noticing the ladder starting to lean on the side.

As he continued to lean, the more the ladder started to lean dangerously. Kyuhyun shouted out to Sungmin to be careful and lean back, which he couldn't hear.

Kyuhyun ran towards the boy just as he grabbed the book the ladder falling to one side, pulling Sungmin down with it. He squeezed his eyes shut and screamed, waiting for the pain.

He felt himself hit something rather soft and heard the ladder crash to the ground, some books falling off the shelves. He felt arms wrap around his body and he opened his eyes to see the prince's face.

"A-Are you alright Sungmin?" Sungmin's eyes widened as he realized the prince almost hurt himself to save him from his fall. "I-I'm so s-sorry your majesty! A-Are you alright, a-are you hurt--"

"Calm down Sungmin, I'm fine." Sungmin quieted but still eyed the prince worridly. As he was about to utter another word, footsteps came running down the hall and the door bursted open, queen rushing in the room.

"K-KYUHYUN!? K-KYUHYUN ARE YOU ALRIG---" The queen stopped seeing the two boys on the ground and then squealed, eyes twinkling so much that it looked as if she stole the stars and shoved them in her eyes.

"Hohoho! Seems as if it was nothing, shoo shoo shoo guards!" The guards sighed with relief as they left the library, queen following behind them. "Don'y worry Kyuhyunnie~ We won't barge in anymore~"

As the doors closed, the two boys on the floor looked bewildered and confused. They looked at each other and realized just how close their face was and soon realized the 'position' they were in.

Kyuhyun had Sungmin between his bent legs, arms around Sungmin while the boy was leaning heavily against his chest, practically clingy to the prince, their faces a hands length apart from each other.

Blushing furiously Sungmin jumped up and helped Kyuhyun up, apologizing profusely. "I-Im so v-very sorry y-your majesty! I-I should have been m-more careful, I-I'm so sorr--"

"S-Sungmin it's alright." Sungmin stopped and looked down, still blushing. Kyuhyun, too red in the face, cleared his throat. "A-And stop calling my 'your majesty'. Just call me Kyuhyun."

Sungmin tried to protest, but decided against it. It was the prince's command after all. "Y-Yes, um, K-Kyuhyun." Kyuhyun blushed again, but smiled, liking that Sungmin was calling him by his name. Sungmin too felt happy (but confused, cause he's like dense), liking how the name rolled off his tongue.

"H-How old are you anyways Sungmin?"


"Eh!? Really!? Cool, your my hyung then!" Sungmin couldn't help but give a small laugh. "Your majest--I mean K-Kyuhyun, I'm your servant, you can't call me h-hyung."

Kyuhyun gave a small pout. "I'm the prince, so I can call you anything I want. Can I call you hyung?"

Sungmin blushed, "D-Do as you wish."

Kyuhyun and Sungmin smiled at each other, wondering how falling off the ladder and getting into a intimate position cracked the ice between them.


Yehsung lead the way as Henry followed him, still in a daze. Zhoumi and Ryeowook secertly followed behind, Zhoumi amused at Henry's dazed smile and Ryeowook horrified.

Yehsung whistled a tune until Henry spoke up, tired, and STILL not realising Yehsung was royalty. "Can I sleep?" Yehsung paused and turned around to Henry (which nearly gave Ryeowook a heart attack) and smiled a huge 'Yehsung' smile.

"Sure! Come with me!" And Soon the reached Yehsung and Henry's room. "Your bed is on the left Henry." Henry merely nodded, rubbed his eyes and went in. Yehsung turned to face the corner Zhoumi and Ryeowook were hiding in.

"Zhoumi you weirdo, come out! I'm not that stupid." Zhoumi chuckled and tugged Ryeowook out with him. For some odd reason, Yehsung didn't know why but Zhoumi holding onto Ryeowook's hand bothered him.

"You can go in and see Henry if you'd like Ryeowook." Ryeowook sighed with relief, and thanked Yehsung as he went in the room. Zhoumi leaned against the wall and the two duke's chatted.

Ryeowook reached Henry and sat beside him, smiling at how cute his baby dongsang was. He pushed some hair back and kissed Henry's forehead. He tucked him in firmly and petted Henry's cheeks lightly before getting up the bed, whispering a quiet 'sweet dreams'.

As Ryeowook came out, the queen and some guards rushed past them. Startled Ryeowook panicked. "I-Is something the m-matter?"

Zhoumi and Yehsung merely shrugged, not necessarily caring since the queen tended to have 'races' with her guards at least once a month although she didn't laugh her signarture 'hohoho' laugh.

"Someone screamed, bet you so much it was Heechul." Zhoumi grinned. Yehsung laughed out loud nodding in agreement. Ryeowook merely looked sceptically before sighing and letting it go.

Zhoumi yawned as he stretched. "Let's go to sleep Ryeowook." Ryeowook merely yawned softly, hand covering his mouth as he nodded. Yehsung wished them a good night and stared after Ryeowook as he and his cousin turned the corner.

He shook his head and head inside his room and closed the door, not noticing the queen at the other end of the hallway seeing what had happened.

She hohoho'ed. "Oh~ Yehsungnie is finally interested in Zhoumi's little sheep~ Wahh double wedding!!"

She squealed and clasped her hands together, failing to notice her guards sweatdrop (anime style!). Seemed that without Heechul she could talk for herself, and rather loudly too.


Long enough? I tried, I really did~

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