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love Should Go On ~

Title: Love Should Go On
Rating: NC-13/17?
Genre: Romance, Comedy .. Romedy : )
Pairings: KyuMin, ZhouRy, YehWook Major + KangTeuk, EunHae, ShiBum, HanChul, ShinFood! Minors
Warning: BoyLove, Cheezyness, FLUFF!
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I would be writing a story of them falling in love with me. Which I'm not doing, clearly indicating that I do not own Super Junior.a

Summary: Basically a high school fic, where KyuHyun, Henry, and Ryewook live together because they were abandoned by their parents. (Cheesy, live with it.) They enter a new school prestige, super-rich school and find that the school is better off as a entertainment business, because all the students seem to care about are the three group of boys that are apparently 'Princes' of the school. Sungmin, Zhou Mi, and Yehsung. Obviously love will start to sprout throughout their noses soon enough.

Thank you for your support guys :)
Now on with the chapter!


Zhou Mi gulped as Heechul advanced towards him with a spoon. Never in his life was he so afraid of spoons till this day.

Kibum and Siwon were long gone, excusing themselves for their patrolling on the school grounds.

As Heechul was about to attack a small squeak made him stop.

"D-Don't hurt him H-Heechul-u-umma!"

Heechul spun around and dropped the spoon. He brought his hands up and covered his mouth, tears in his eyes, Zhou Mi long forgotten.

"Y-You called m-me u-umma!" and squealed. He ran towards Henry and hugged him tightly once more.

"My precious baby called me umma! Hankyung! Did you record this special moment!?"

Hankyung began sweating. "U-Uh n-no, you never t-told me t-too--"


Everyone but Henry gulped and feared for their poor president. Heechul never called Hankyung in his chinese name unless he was pissed. Like when you don't give a fat pms-ing lady her chocolate pissed.

Poor, poor president Hankyung.

"U-Umma don't get mad at Hankyung" Henry stuttered. Everyone almost had a heart attack. No one told Heechul what to do TWICE in the day!

Heechul hugged Henry closer. "I'm sorry my dear Henry! Umma Heechul will never get mad at appa Hankyung ever again!"

Everyone was to say shocked and Hankyung was relieved to have Henry in his life and thanked God. (Siwon's influence)

As Heechul was smuggling Henry into his chest his cellphone started to beep.

"Aw, shoot! I have to go to that stupid photoshoot thing."

Henry blinked. "Photoshoot?"

Heechul sighed and nodded. "Yah stupid photography club wanted me to model for them and of course I had to say yes."

Henry's eyes twinkled. "Wow! Your a model hyung! Thats so cool!"

Heechul beamed at Henry. "Well if you think its so cool you want to come with me Henry?" Henry nodded eagerly and Heechul called to tell the stupid club he was bringing a friend.

Zhou Mi stood up. "I wanna go to."

Heechul raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Because Henry's going."

Heechul frowned and placed his hands on his hips. "You cannot date my little Henry."

Zhou Mi smirked. "Call admirer. I can try to 'win' your approval can I not? Henry's like the princess and your the queen whom I have to get acceptance from."

Heechul pondered before a grin broke out on his face. "Alright prince charming. Just TRY to get my approval. Although I bet you getting the princess's love would be a much more difficult feat."

Henry blushed heavily as he ducked his head. Zhou Mi glanced at Henry and another smirk formed on his face.

He bowed at Heechul in a princely gesture and then gently took Henry's hand and kissed his knuckles softly.

He faced Heechul once more and tugged Henry into his arms. Henry blush went redder as he glanced up shyly at Heechul.

Zhou Mi grinned at Henry's cuteness and kissed the top of his head, earning a squeak from the shorter boy. Then he spoke seeing Heechul fume.

"Then let the games began shall we?"


Before Kyuhyun could duck the fist hit him in the jaw, making him let go of Top's collar.

"KYUHYUN!" Sungmin cried and caught him from behind. He began to panic seeing a bruise form. "Kyuhyunah you okay? Does it hurt? Do you need ice?"

Kyuhyun tried to stand and then immediately lunged at Top, kicking him in the gut. He could hear Sungmin gasp in what he hoped was surprise and not fear.

"Y-You stupid P-PUNK!" and Top swung once more. The two started attacking each other as Sungmin watched in terror.

"STOP! Stop this behavior RIGHT NOW!"

Kyuhyun, not wanting to upset his hyung, gave one final push and got up. The older boy refused to let him go and swung at his legs.

Kyuhyun fell forward towards his Sungmin hyung. Wanting to avoid the collision he twisted his body and landed to the right of the boy and twisted his ankle.


Sungmin dropped to his knees and sat Kyuhyun up in a sitting position, dusting off dirt and trying to tend to the boy's ankle.

"Stupid! Why did you do that? You got hurt because you twisted and landed wrong!"

Kyuhyun winced as he felt pain shoot up his leg. "I would've landed on you hyung, and then you would've gotten hurt."

"Idiot, you didn't have to try and protect me!" Sungmin started to sniffle as tears were forming in his eyes. Kyuhyun gave a small smile as he brushed the tears with one hand.

"Sungmin cut the damn act! I fell too so help me up!"

Both boys turned their heads to see Top on the ground glaring at Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun glared back as he wrapped an arm around his hyung's waist and pulled him down towards him.

"Stop talking to Sungmin hyung like that you bastard!" Sungmin was surprised to hear the younger boy swear and blushed lightly noticing their close and very intimate position.

"Why you--" and a book came smacking Top's head. "What the hell!"

They looked behind his head to see Kibum picking his book up. "Sorry, it slipped."

Before Top could yell Kibum cut him off. "I suggest you scram. My book has this tendency to drop on assholes at a very high distance from their heads repeatedly."

Top struggled and stood up about to hit the younger boy when a hand came to stop his fist.

Behind Kibum was Siwon one arm wrapped around his waist and the other holding the angry male's fist.

"God does not approve of violence. Now please report to the school's office cause if not, the school's police force will take you there. They're heading this way as we speak."

Top immediately dropped his fist glared at the two boys and then turned to Kyuhyun giving a murderous glare and leaving, heading to the office.

"You guys okay?" Kibum asked. Kyuhyun nodded when Sungmin frantically interrupted. "Kyuhyun hurt his ankle!"

Siwon flipped open his cellphone and immediately dialed the school paramedics. "Yes bring an ambulance. Thank you."

Kyuhyun looked with wide eyes. "This school has their own police force AND ambulance?"

Siwon nodded looking slightly confused. "Yes...don't all schools?"

Kyuhyun laughed. Indeed this was a very, very rich school. Siwon cleared his throat.

"Uh, Sungmin hyung, I think you can get off Kyuhyun now..."

Confused Sungmin and Kyuhyun both turned to face each other only to see they were barely a centimeter apart. Blushing profusely Sungmin jumped off muttering a quick apology.

Kyuhyun and Sungmin were red faced and Siwon couldn't help but find the scene endearing.

Soon the paramedics came and loaded Kyuhyun in, Sungmin jumping in right after him.

As they drove off Kibum dropped his book on Siwon's foot. Siwon landed on a near by bench yelping in pain.

"Ow! Kibumah what was that for? I heard you say that booked dropped on a-holes! (Siwon is CHRISTIAN people!) I saved you remember?"

"I said this book drops on the HEAD of assholes hyung. It drops on the foot of perverts though."

Siwon eyes bulged out. "I'm not a pervert!"

Kibum raised an eyebrow as he pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose.

"Hyung when your hand was on my waist it started to drop lower. All in all it ended up on my thigh."

Siwon blushed and sputtered words, not making sense.

Kibum smirked and lowered, sitting on Siwon's lap, legs on either side. (The bench has no back rest okay? And lets pretend it doesn't look as awkward as it sounds)

He pushed himself closer towards the blushing boy and wrapped his arms around his hyung's neck.

"You want me Siwon hyung?" he asked smirking seductively lowering his face till they were inches apart.

Siwon gulped at the proximity. Well and the fact the Kibum's crotch was pushed against his. Never had Siwon hate pants this much before.

Before Siwon could even think to form words Kibum got off.

"Well too bad. You have to wait till after school." He smirked, picked up his book and walked off.

Siwon sat there gaping at the retreating figure with a problem. In his pants.

Then his brain decided that it would like to think about what Kibum meant 'after school' and the problem only grew bigger.



Ryeowook blinked. And then blinked again.

Kangta broke the silence. "Um...excuse me?"

Yehsung started to pout still glaring at the senior. "I SAID Ryeowook is supposed to be MINE!"

Kangta looked confused and then Ryeowook started to laugh.

"Hah! Man Yehsung you kill me! Kangta hyung isn't asking me one a REAL date. It's something nothing like that."

Yehsung continued to pout and couldn't help but grin at how cute his hyung looked.

Kangta cleared his throat. "So, um, I'll pick you up at back gate in 5 minutes Ryeowook..."

Yehsung's eyes nearly popped out. "YOUR SKIPPING CLASS!?"

Ryeowook chuckled nervously. "Sorry hyung, it's apparently very important."

Before Yehsung could say another word Ryeowook gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Please don't tell anyone about me skipping! Or that kiss!" and he ran off red in the face with Yehsung gaping like a fish.

He blushed as a hand went up to his cheek and he couldn't help but feel overwhelmingly happy. His happiness disappeared as he remembered Ryeowook's fake date.

He frowned, not liking the idea of Ryeowook going out with someone else other then him. Fake or not.

He ran to music building and opened Zhou Mi's locker. He quickly wrote a message on a sticky note and posted it in the locker, grabbed the car keys, locked the locker, and ran.

Silly, silly Yehsung. He didn't know how to drive.

Oh well.


thanks for the reviews from chapter 8
people! really helped motivate me! : )
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