April 30th, 2009


I Top, You Bottom.

Title: I Top, You Bottom.
Rating: Just Language. And mentionings...?
Pairings: KyuMi
Chapters: Oneshot?
Summary: When asked who tops in bed, Kyuhyun tries to prove that he wears the pants in their relationship. Keyword being tries.

A/N: Just randomly thought this up... :)


Kyuhyun and Zhoumi blinked, startled at the abrupt question.


Henry pouted at the response and repeated his question.

"I asked who tops in bed. You or Zhoumi?"

The other members around them either tried to restrain their laughter (with MUCH fail) or fall off whatever they were sitting on previously before.

Kyuhyun and Zhoumi however stood their awkwardly, looking at each other with unease. Zhoumi cleared his throat and everyone immediately shut their mouths to hear the response.

"Um, Henry, me and Kuixian aren't like that. We're just friends."

Kyuhyun nodded his head in agreement -insert Heechuls eyeroll and muttering of bullshit under his breath-, blush dusting his cheeks in embarressment. The other members snorted in disbelief but Henry seemed to have bought it.

"Oh... well who do you think would top if you guys were a couple?"

The members were once again on the floor, pissing themselves from laughing, Heechul shouting out a 'I love that kid!' while Eeteuk's Eeteuk-laugh jumped up another pitch. Kangin clapped Sungmin's back, his other hand shakily pointing towards Henry with a loud 'Thats my boy!'

Kyuhyun tried to divert the attention away from himself and immediately fired the first question that popped into his mind.

"W-Well who do you think?"

He almost smacked himself in the face as Zhoumi let out a confused 'huh!?'.

"I think Kyuhyun -insert Heechul's cackle with a snarky 'AS IF!'-, just because he's more serious then Zhoumi-ge."

A sense of some random manpower-pride swelled in his chest and Kyuhyun couldn't help but let a smirk cross his face as he tugged up his sleeves and took a step forward.

"Heh, well I--"

"On the contrary, I would top. Cause I'm taller."

Kyuhyun spluttered as he gave the chinese male a look of disbelief.

"What does height have to do with anything!? -insert Heechul yelling out 'EVERYTHING!'- Besides! I give off a more manlier presence then you!"

Zhoumi pretended to ponder about it before he took a step towards Kyuhyun -insert a gasp from the watching audience-. Startled, the younger male took a step back which made Zhoumi grin and take another step forward.

Kyuhyun ended up with his back against the wall, Zhoumi's body inches away from his own. One of Zhoumi's long arms bent by Kyuhyun's head and Zhoumi leaned down slightly, his hair brushing against Kyuhyun's forehead.

Kyuhyun clenched his eyes shut and shivered slightly as he felt Zhoumi's hot breath against his ear.

"Height has to do with everything Kuixian. And you know it."

Kyuhyun's eyes snapped back open as he attempted to swat&glare at the male who took a couple steps back with a large grin on his face.

He laughed in amusement as he saw Kyuhyun's attempted look at a 'murderous glare'. He looked too cute trying to look angry when he was blushing so brightly.

"I would so top in bed! Your just in denial gege!"

Zhoumi merely gave a cheeky grin. "Whatever you say Kuixian. It's not like you can prove it."

Flustered with anger, Kyuhyun swiftly grabbed the older male's wrist and headed towards the stairs while Henry and the others blinked in confusion.

"Eh!? Wait! Kyuhyun-hyung where are you doing!?"

Kyuhyun hurried up the stairs with a grinning Zhoumi in tow.

"Proving a point!"

The two disappeared into their room, Zhoumi giving them a quick peace-sign by the doorway before it was slammed shut loudly.

The members and Henry sat there in silence anticipating... well something

The silence was shattered by the loud moan that emmitted from the now locked doors followed by loud whooping and wolf whistling from the other members with Heechul cackling and Eeteuk wiping away tears because baby (ex)magnae Kyu was growing up.


Next day Kyuhyun walked towards the kitchen with a content smile on his face and was surprised to see everyone (minus Zhoumi) gathered around the table.

They immediately turned their attention towards Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun stood there nervously with 13 pairs of eyes glued to his. The singer gulped audiably as he saw Heechul give him his infamous smirk.

"So... who tops?"

The members all tensed, eyes wide with excitement and curiousity as Kyuhyun blushed a bright shade of pink, muttering something under his breath.

Henry, being the nearest to the blushing vocalist, leaned towards him.

"Huh? What did you say hyung?"

 A long arm suddenly came around the blushing male and he gave an audiable squeak as he felt the arm around his torso tighten.

Zhoumi stood beside him as he gave his mega-watt grin, tugging Kyuhyun flush against his body.

"He said height matters. A lot more then he thought it would."

And with that said Zhoumi spun around, picked Kyuhyun up bridal style, and carried him off towards their bedroom giving them a quick wink and grin before slamming the door shut once more.

Heechul and the others sat there quietly till a full out grin escaped his lips.

"Gentlemen. I present to you Princess Kyuhyun."




To-- "Pfffft!"



Just so you know, the "Pfffft!"  is like the sound when someone tries to hold in their laughter and fails, making that noise before going out in full blast laughing. Oh and another thing. The ending, everyone is laughing, not just Heechul. Just letting you guys know incase some of you were confused :)

Should there be more of these scenerios but with other pairings? You tell me :)