I Top, You Bottom.

Title: I Top, You Bottom.
Rating: Just Language. And mentionings...?
Pairings: KyuMi
Chapters: Oneshot?
Summary: When asked who tops in bed, Kyuhyun tries to prove that he wears the pants in their relationship. Keyword being tries.

A/N: Just randomly thought this up... :)


Kyuhyun and Zhoumi blinked, startled at the abrupt question.


Henry pouted at the response and repeated his question.

"I asked who tops in bed. You or Zhoumi?"

The other members around them either tried to restrain their laughter (with MUCH fail) or fall off whatever they were sitting on previously before.

Kyuhyun and Zhoumi however stood their awkwardly, looking at each other with unease. Zhoumi cleared his throat and everyone immediately shut their mouths to hear the response.

"Um, Henry, me and Kuixian aren't like that. We're just friends."

Kyuhyun nodded his head in agreement -insert Heechuls eyeroll and muttering of bullshit under his breath-, blush dusting his cheeks in embarressment. The other members snorted in disbelief but Henry seemed to have bought it.

"Oh... well who do you think would top if you guys were a couple?"

The members were once again on the floor, pissing themselves from laughing, Heechul shouting out a 'I love that kid!' while Eeteuk's Eeteuk-laugh jumped up another pitch. Kangin clapped Sungmin's back, his other hand shakily pointing towards Henry with a loud 'Thats my boy!'

Kyuhyun tried to divert the attention away from himself and immediately fired the first question that popped into his mind.

"W-Well who do you think?"

He almost smacked himself in the face as Zhoumi let out a confused 'huh!?'.

"I think Kyuhyun -insert Heechul's cackle with a snarky 'AS IF!'-, just because he's more serious then Zhoumi-ge."

A sense of some random manpower-pride swelled in his chest and Kyuhyun couldn't help but let a smirk cross his face as he tugged up his sleeves and took a step forward.

"Heh, well I--"

"On the contrary, I would top. Cause I'm taller."

Kyuhyun spluttered as he gave the chinese male a look of disbelief.

"What does height have to do with anything!? -insert Heechul yelling out 'EVERYTHING!'- Besides! I give off a more manlier presence then you!"

Zhoumi pretended to ponder about it before he took a step towards Kyuhyun -insert a gasp from the watching audience-. Startled, the younger male took a step back which made Zhoumi grin and take another step forward.

Kyuhyun ended up with his back against the wall, Zhoumi's body inches away from his own. One of Zhoumi's long arms bent by Kyuhyun's head and Zhoumi leaned down slightly, his hair brushing against Kyuhyun's forehead.

Kyuhyun clenched his eyes shut and shivered slightly as he felt Zhoumi's hot breath against his ear.

"Height has to do with everything Kuixian. And you know it."

Kyuhyun's eyes snapped back open as he attempted to swat&glare at the male who took a couple steps back with a large grin on his face.

He laughed in amusement as he saw Kyuhyun's attempted look at a 'murderous glare'. He looked too cute trying to look angry when he was blushing so brightly.

"I would so top in bed! Your just in denial gege!"

Zhoumi merely gave a cheeky grin. "Whatever you say Kuixian. It's not like you can prove it."

Flustered with anger, Kyuhyun swiftly grabbed the older male's wrist and headed towards the stairs while Henry and the others blinked in confusion.

"Eh!? Wait! Kyuhyun-hyung where are you doing!?"

Kyuhyun hurried up the stairs with a grinning Zhoumi in tow.

"Proving a point!"

The two disappeared into their room, Zhoumi giving them a quick peace-sign by the doorway before it was slammed shut loudly.

The members and Henry sat there in silence anticipating... well something

The silence was shattered by the loud moan that emmitted from the now locked doors followed by loud whooping and wolf whistling from the other members with Heechul cackling and Eeteuk wiping away tears because baby (ex)magnae Kyu was growing up.


Next day Kyuhyun walked towards the kitchen with a content smile on his face and was surprised to see everyone (minus Zhoumi) gathered around the table.

They immediately turned their attention towards Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun stood there nervously with 13 pairs of eyes glued to his. The singer gulped audiably as he saw Heechul give him his infamous smirk.

"So... who tops?"

The members all tensed, eyes wide with excitement and curiousity as Kyuhyun blushed a bright shade of pink, muttering something under his breath.

Henry, being the nearest to the blushing vocalist, leaned towards him.

"Huh? What did you say hyung?"

 A long arm suddenly came around the blushing male and he gave an audiable squeak as he felt the arm around his torso tighten.

Zhoumi stood beside him as he gave his mega-watt grin, tugging Kyuhyun flush against his body.

"He said height matters. A lot more then he thought it would."

And with that said Zhoumi spun around, picked Kyuhyun up bridal style, and carried him off towards their bedroom giving them a quick wink and grin before slamming the door shut once more.

Heechul and the others sat there quietly till a full out grin escaped his lips.

"Gentlemen. I present to you Princess Kyuhyun."




To-- "Pfffft!"



Just so you know, the "Pfffft!"  is like the sound when someone tries to hold in their laughter and fails, making that noise before going out in full blast laughing. Oh and another thing. The ending, everyone is laughing, not just Heechul. Just letting you guys know incase some of you were confused :)

Should there be more of these scenerios but with other pairings? You tell me :)



A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 8/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves.


Ryeowook glared Yesung down with his glare and the duke shrunk back. 

"I-I didn't do anything! I swear!"

Ryeowook's glare only heightened before he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Yesung hung his head, sad that he could've been the reason that Henry was upset.

"Doesn't matter anyways. Mimi will take care of him."

Yesung's head snapped back up, eyes widening in alarm.

"Mimi? You call him Mimi now!?"

Ryeowook was slightly taken back but nodded his head, a look of confusion displayed on his face.

"Well duke Zhoumi and I have gotten to know each other better and I guess we're on nickname basis now..."

Yesung felt jealous and hopeless. Nickname basis meant that they were fairly good friends now... possibly... something more? He clenched his eyes shut and crossed his arms. Then he plopped to the ground and sat there.

Ryeowook couldn't help but giggle seeing the duke just plop down like that with that cute pout on his face. It made him look incredibly adorable. He approached Yesung and crouched down in front of him, arms coming around to wrap around his knees, head resting on top.

"What's wrong Yesungshi?"

Yesung hearing the 'shi' at the end of his name 'hmped' and refused to look the other in the eye.

"Zhoumi gets a nickname. And I don't. Thats not fair."

Ryeowook blinked a couple times in surprise before laughing outloud, loosing balance. He tumbled back and landed on his bum, arms clutching around his stomach.

Yesung forgot about being upset at hearing the melodious laugh. Ryeowook didn't notice his stare and tried to calm himself down, wiping away tears from his eyes.

Ryeowook recovered from his laughing fit and gave a grin towards Yesung. Not really understanding what was going on at the moment, Yesung grinned back.

"If you want a nickname Yesungshi, we have to get better aquainted."

Yesung's grin dropped from his face, a look of disbelief crossing his features. Ryeowook merely grinned and got up and starting walking away.

Yesung watched the boy walk down the end of the hall before turning back towards him.

"Well Yesungshi? I thought you wanted us to get better aquainted?", and with that said turned a corner.

Yesung sat there for another full 10 seconds before breaking out into a goofy grin, dashing after the servant boy while almost tripping as he tried to get up.


Henry dashed through the kitchen doors and immediately headed towards the corner of the kitchen where all the potatoes were supplied and sat behind one of the sacks.

He pulled his knees up and buried his face into them, arms wrapping around his kneecaps and head. He started to cry and stifled a sob, trying to tell himself that this was pathetic and that he should just forget about it.

He didn't notice that Zhoumi had been following him and neither noticed how Zhoumi quietly sat in front of the crying boy until the duke placed a hand on the side of Henry's knee.

Zhoumi's heart clenched at the sight og Henry crying and said the only thing he knew that could be of any help.

"It's alright Henry. Let it out, I'll be here for you."

Not knowing what came over him, Henry immediately jumped towards Zhoumi, crashing against the duke's chest, clutching the male's shirt tightly as he buried his face, crying.

Zhoumi merely wrapped his arms around the boy that was on his lap and rocked his body gently back and forth, tucking his head under his own chin and whispering soothing noises.

After a while Henry sniffled and began to calm down. However, unlike those typical stories Ryeowook has read to him where the person jumps away in embarressment, Henry snuggled in closer, breathing in the other's scent deeply.

"....You alright Henry?"

Henry nodded slightly and then let go of his grasp on the other's shirt and loosly wrapped them around the other's lean waist.

"I... I was found in box... when I was four... then Sungmin hyung and Ryeowook hyung found me and we've been together ever since. Then we were c...captured by that m-man. And then we were isolated from the world. I-I only had Min hyung and Ryeo hyung all my life... and I-I've never really liked anyone before. Then I met Yesung hyung... and I guess you can say he was my f-first love... but he likes someone else... I can tell..."

Zhoumi only clutched the boy tighter to him, feeling Henry shake slightly.

"I feel so stupid. I overreact like this all the time... but it really hurts Zhoumi... and I really like Yesung... but...he..."

Henry hugged the boy tighter as the tears started to well up again. Zhoumi stroked the boys hair as he spoke softly.

"First loves... are always unrequainted. But that's only because it's your first. It's meant to be that way, because then it helps you grow from that pain and it prepares you for many others thats to come. But the pain is good Henry, because even though it makes you more cautious of love, it also helps you identify the love that's most precious and most honest. True love. So first loves are meant to be unrequainted so that it could prepare you for your most precious person."

The two sat there quietly, in each others arms, Zhoumi still hugging the boy and stroking his hair while Henry sat there taking in all that Zhoumi had said.

Henry tried to say something to the other but words failed to form so he just clug onto the other tighter. Zhoumi closed his eyes and buried his face gently on top of the boy's head and took a deep breath, already knowing what Henry was trying to say.

'Thank you.'


Sungmin felt excitement swell up in his chest. Kyuhyun had promsied him to take him to the play down by the village in two weeks and he couldn't wait to tell his dongsangdels.

Kyuhyun chuckled as he saw the cute expression on his hyung's face before he turned back to reading his book.

The two left their 'special spot' to come to the library to read. Kyuhyun for one was content, seeing as he enjoyed reading half the time. Sungmin usually wasn't one to read at all but thoughts of the play had kept his mind busy.

After a while however, Sungmin felt bored and decided to wander around the prince's library, being careful this time as to not to climb on top of any of them.

After a few rounds Sungmin headed towards the prince before he had an idea. Giggling, he quietly tiptoed behind the prince's chair and just when he was close enough he placed his hands in front of the younger's eyes.

With a startled yelp Kyuhyun almost dropped his book.

"Guess who~?"

Kyuhyun let a grin escape his face before it quickly formed into a smirk. He pretened to not know who it was which only made the older boy giggle.

"Hmm... this is hard. I wonder who this could be... oh! Judging by that adorable giggling", Sungmin giggled and blushed,"its... Henry!"

Laughing Sungmin finally dropped his hands from Kyuhyun's face, smacking the prince's shoulders. "Yah! It's me!"

Kyuhyun grinned and turned around from his chair on his knees as he pulled Sungmin towards himself.

"Ah so it is."

Sungmin's giggling subsided as he noticed Kyuhyun's face getting closer to his own. Blushing he tried to look away but failed as Kyuhyun's hand grasped his chin firmly.

"K-Kyu? W-What are y-you d-doing?"


Just as Kyuhyun's lips were about to meet Sungmin's, someone cleared their throat by the open door. Startling both boys out of their trance, they jumped away from each other, both red in the face.

Kyuhyun turned to face the person clearing his throat in embarressment.

"Eh heh, y-you d-didn't see a-any--"

The prince's eyes widened in shock as he saw the person that stood by the door, unable to finish his sentence. Curiously (but still as red as a tomato), Sungmin shyly looked up and saw a girl who looked rather average in size, large brown eyes and fairly pale skin.


The girl smirked as she crossed her arms. Sungmin couldn't help but notice that the girl looked slightly demonic, her eyes glistening.

"So Kyuhyun, miss me?"


Sungmin looked at the pair curiously and couldn't help but voice out his question.

"W-Who is she Kyu?"

Before Kyuhyun could even process the question, the girl spoke up, eyes still fixed on the gaping prince, a smirk gracing her lips.

"I'm the love of Kyuhyunnies life."


TWIST!?!??! I THINK SO. sorry for the really late update thing guys... bad author i know... :P


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Title: Innocence
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Siwon x Kyuhyun
Genre: Fluff
A/N: A new side to Kyuhyun :)


Kyuhyun smiled sweetly at him.

"Are you done hyung?"

Siwon clenched his teeth as he tried to avoid eye contact from the magane as he nodded his head. Not noticing his hyung's discomfort, Kyuhyun went ahead and picked up the plate of finished watermelons.

As he was about to pull back he noticed a piece of fruit was still left over on the corner of his hyung's mouth. Without thinking, he reached up and gently brushed his long fingers across the corner of his lips, removing the remaining food.

Smiling once again Kyuhyun took the plates back, leaving a frozen Siwon behind him.

Siwon tried to breathe as he closed his eyes.

'No dirty thoughts Siwon. No. Dirty. Thoughts. Kyuhyun is INNOCENT. Don't marr the innocent Siwon.'

Many fans and people believed Kyuhyun to be charismatic, mature, and dominant. What they didn't know was that the boy was actually very sweet, adorable, and quite naive. Not to mention that the tall male had the innocence as pure as that of a child.

He took a deep breath and opened his eyes to see Kyuhyun walk back in the room. Eyes shining with pleasure, the younger scurried over beside his hyung and sat beside him on the couch just as Heechul inserted a movie in.

'Since when was Heechul here?'

Siwon stopped his train of thought as the movie started. He then sighed.


Of course.

He personally wasn't afraid, cause he had God. Kyuhyun on the other hand started to creep towards him until he was latched onto the boy like second skin, burying his face into the stiff boy's shoulder.

Siwon was frozen, once again. He could feel Kyuhyun's skin underneath his thin layer of clothing and the very curves of his body as he was latched to him. He looked down slightly to see that Kyuhyun had half his face buried in his shoulder, the other peaking at the screen.

He could feel Kyuhyun's soft lips against his shoulder and instantly felt heat shoot downwards at the thought of the boy's lips being elsewhere.

'No Siwon, no! What would Eeteuk think if he knew of my thoughts? O. M. G(SH)! What would GOD think!?'

Siwon wanted to leave, desperately, but he couldn't. For one, he couldn't just leave the poor boy alone, terrified. Two, he couldn't leave the said poor boy alone with HEECHUL of all people while terrified.

So he sat there, Kyuhyun attached to him, trying to keep the devil away by praying inside his head.

When the movie was done (it was The Uninvited movie), Siwon was about to get up and stretch when he felt Kyuhyun shaking, clutching his arm rather tightly. He looked down at the boy once more, only to see his eye's brimming with tears.

"What's wrong Kyuhyun?", he asked, worried to see the usual happy boy almost in tears. He looked up, eyes glittering and wide, lips trembling.

"I-It was s-so scary!"

And then he jumped on his hyung, arms wrapping tightly around Siwon's torso, crying. It seemed Kyuhyun had a very low tolerance  horror films.

Siwon tucked the boy under his chin and whispered soothing words in his ears as he sat back down on the couch, Kyuhyun on his lap.

Kyuhyun calmed down after a while but still hung on to the older boy. He sniffled before he buried his face against his hyung's shoudler.

"Women are scary hyung. I don't like them."

It was muffled, but Siwon heard and he chuckled as he petted the younger boy's hair. "It's okay Kyuhyun, I'll scare them away for you."

Kyuhyun looked back up at the older boy, worry and doubt clouding his eyes.


Siwon would've kissed him right then and there, but he didn't.


He picked up one of Kyuhyun's hands that were clutching the front of his shirt and gently pryed it open. Then he brought his hand up to his face and grazed the knuckles with his lips gently.

Kyuhyun blushed, a faint pink dusting his cheeks as Siwon smiled at him.

"I promise."

Kyuhyun then beamed at him, a smile so wide and adorable that Siwon couldn't help but stare. The younger boy noticed his hyung's stared and brought a hand up to his face.

"Do I have something on my face hyung?"

Siwon nodded, eyes still transfixed on the pouty lips. Kyuhyun began to brush his hand over his lips, a look of confusion on his face.



And with that Siwon grabbed Kyuhyun's hand and pulled it away from his face just as he crashed his lips with the magnaes.

Kyuhyun's eyes widened in shock before fluttering closed, pushing his lips slightly against Siwons

They pulled back due to the lack fo air, Siwon resting his forehead against Kyuhyuns.

"Got it."

Kyuhyun blushed once more as he dropped his gaze to the floor before bringing it back up to Siwons, chewing on his bottom lip slightly. He reddened more as he stuttered.

"C-Can you k-kiss me a-again?... P-please?"

Siwon didn't have to be asked twice as he brought his lips back down to Kyuhyuns.


A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 7/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves.

SORRY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FORGIVE MEE~~~~~~~~~

The week passed with much silence, and the king and his advisor and chef were never so happy in their entire lives. Till the next week rolled along and the queen and Heechul had recovered.



The queen and Heechul were found in a dramatic embrace with floating hearts and a sunset in the background. Siwon never has once doubted God, but there was a first for everything.

"G-God... he is just... is he not? Then why would he... ", Siwon was suffering in the corner of his room with Hankyung patting his back and telling (one of) his lovers that it was alright.

The king... was not to be found as of the moment.

Meanwhile Zhoumi had restless nights of sleep as he noticed how Henry was becoming very attached his cousin. Ryeowook noticed the constant rustles of the duke and frequently sat by the edge of his bed and soothed him with a lullaby till the duke fell asleep.

Ryeowook has most definately warmed up to Zhoumi after the past month and he was at least pleased with that.

Yehsung however, never noticed Henry's feelings towards him, but most definately noticed the rather fondness Ryeowook showed towards Zhoumi. Which bothered him to an extreme extent (since after all, he is sorta extreme. doesnt really think twice about anything...), and Henry, seeing as all he did was stare at Yehsung, noticed.

He felt rather discouraged, but decided not to give up without a fight which took more countless nights of rustling from Zhoumi, which made it more frequent for Ryeowook to sit by his bed and talk or soothe him, which made Yehsung see the relationship between the two grow which frustrated him even more. Ah the cycle of love...

Kyuhyun and Sungmin however were inseperatable at this point and quite open with each other. Kyuhyun being the smarter of the three royalties noticed the conflicting love web and found it very frustrating.

Sungmin noticed as well, since Ryeowook and Henry were practically his baby brothers, and too found it slightly frustrating.

"Its annoying."

Sungmin couldn't help but giggle at Kyuhyun's weariness of the web and couldn't help but nod in agreement. The two were in their secert place and were sitting on the grass, talking about random things, but mostly about the ZhouWookSungRy (lol).

"This is like those plays I've been to. But worse.", Sungmin tilted his head to the side in confusment.


Kyuhyun lifted an eyebrow. "You do know what a play is... don't you?" The bunny boy shook his head no and explained that since he was in a cellar most his life, he didn't know many common things.

Kyuhyun clenched his fist in anger, the thought of Sungmin being in a cellar for most his life... he was gonna have to have a word with this 'slave trader'.

He tried to relax his face and smiled at his hyung. "Instead of explaining, how about I take you to one?"

Sungmin's eyes sparkled with intensity and agreed immediately. He may not have known what it was, but more time with Kyuhyun must've been a good thing anyways.

Kyuhyun smiled at the other male's eagerness. "Theres going to be one in two weeks down at the village. It's actually a japanese group travelling across out land, so I think this will be a good cultural lesson for you hyung."

Sungmin jumped up in excitement and glomped onthe prince which led to Kyuhyun falling on his back with his hyung on top of him. Sungmin continued to laugh with glee, failing to notice their rather intimate position.

Kyuhyun noticed and blushed immediately, the feeling of Sungmin's shaking chest pressed onto his wasn't helping the matter.

"Eh? What's wrong Kyu?"

Sungmin lifted himself up enough to look down on him with his big doe eyes, head tilted to one side. He looked so damn innocent... and the thoughts going through the prince's head wasn't so innocent.

Feeling guilty and rather frustrated, he gently lifted his hyung up and sat up, leaning on one hand, the other around his waist. Sungmin was now between the prince's legs, arms sliding down to hang loosely on the Kyuhyun's narrow hips.


Kyuhyun shook his head and sighed aloud. "Hyung... you have no idea what your doing to me, do you?"

Sungmin gazed at him with a new glaze of confusion on his face. "Doing to you? Am I hurting you Kyu!?" Sungmin panicked and immediately tried to back away from him. Kyuhyun couldn't help but chuckle and tug Sungmin's flailing arm towards himself. Sungmin landed on the others chest with a small thud.

"..Kyu?" Sungmin looked up to see the boy's eyes were closed and he had a small smile on his face. Not really following, Sungmin laid his head on Kyuhyun's chest, a small smile of his own gracing his face and giggled.

Kyuhyun was so cute when he smiled. He felt the prince being to stroke his hair with his spare hand and he sighed in contentment. He was rather confused with the fluttering of emotions, but at the moment he didn't care.

Cause it felt so good to be with Kyuhyun.



The english teacher turned to the voice and smiled at the science teacher. "Jaejoong! What are you doing? Aren't you supposed to be with Yuhno?"

Jaejoong shook his head and muttered about his lover spending his time with the horses rather then himself. Eeteuk laughed and almost yelped when he felt arms go around his waist.

"Kangin! What if someone sees us!?" The said man tried to pout cutely (which totally worked on Eeteuk) and tightened his hold.

"But know one's around~ We're in the teacher's quarters anyways."

Jaejoong rolled his eyes, slightly envious of the pda. He started to question himself. What did those damn horses have that he didn't!?

He was startled out of his thoughts when large hands covered his eyes.

"Guess who~?"

Jaejoong frowned and released a 'hmp' rather then an answer. The hand immediately drop down to wrap aroung his shoulders from behind and a head rested by his.

"Joongie? What's wrong?"

Jaejoong continued to ignore him as he pouted. Yuhno continued to ask what was wrong and tears gathered around his eyes. He swiftly looked at his lover's face and began to cry as he spoke.

"W-What do those *hiccup* damn h-horses have *sniff* that I don't!?"

Yuhno merely chuckled as he tightened his hold on his lover and wiped away his tears. "Silly, what makes you think like that?"

Jaejoong looked at him with his huge eyes as he rubbed at them. "You spend *sniff* more time with them then me."

The gym teacher told him to close his eyes, which he reluctantly did, and when told to open he gasped. A single red rose was presented to him, thorns cut off from the stem.


Yuhno merely grinned at his lover's confused gaze. "I knew you felt a little down the past couple days, so I went out today to get you your favorite flower."

Jaejoong held it between his fingers and he began to cry again, a sniffled thank you being spoken. Smiling Yuhno jumped over into the loveseat and pulled his lover to his chest as he combed through his hair.

While all this was happening Eetuek kept pestering why Kangin couldn't be that sweet. Kangin swore he would should Yuhno up. Next week. Or month.


Ryeowook was in the public library (in the castle. there's kyuhyun's private library and another, more larger one, for everyone else to use) reading an action (COUGH ROMANCE COUGH) novel, eagerly flipping through the pages. Before he could flip to the next page, Zhoumi plopped himself next to him.

Ryeowook glanced at the duke (now much more relaxed around him due to their nightly lullaby rustling) and sighed. "Yes Zhoumi?"

Zhoumi pouted at the sigh and placed his head on the table. "I'm bored Wookie~"

The said boy raised an eyebrow. "And...?"

Zhoumi continued to pout. "Play with me~"

"...*sigh*.. What would you like to do Zhoumi?"

The duke perked up immediately and tugged at Ryeowook hand and bolted for the door. They didn't get far before they bumped into Yehsung and Henry.

Yehsung and Henry were having a lively conversation when they saw the two ahead. Yehsung saw Zhoumi and Ryeowook's hands clasped together and he couldn't help but feel jealous.

Henry noticed the frown on the duke's face and noticed the cause of the frown. He dropped his gaze, hurt that Ryeowook was more important as the moment to continue their conversation.

"Yehsung! Henry!"

Zhoumi grinned at them, trying to brush away they feeling of jealousy as he saw the two alone having fun with each other.

Ryeowook gave a small smile and bowed lightly to Yehsung as Henry tried to conceal his sadness with a bright smile and wave.

Ryeowook noticed Henry's fake expression and wore a small frown on his face. He immediately let go of Zhoumi's hand (much to Yehsung's relief) and headed towards Henry.

He looked at the younger boy worriedly and whispered as so the two duke's couldn't hear. "Are you alright Henry?"

Henry tried to look away as he nodded. Not fooled Ryeowook asked again, a little louder then intended.

"Eh? Henry? Are you tired or something?", Yehsung asked, worried. Henry wanted to cry at that moment. So Yehsung notices even the slightest things with Ryeowook from a mile away, yet he didn't notice a thing with Henry when he was right beside him.

"Y-Yah, I'm just, um, hungry, I'll go to kitchen, if thats okay with you Yehsung.."

Confused, the duke nodded and added an "Of Course!".

Henry swiftly darted towards the kitchen. Before Ryeowook could head after him, Zhoumi sped past him, turning back to Ryeowook.

"I got it."

That was all the Zhoumi had to say and Ryeowook halted as he watched his dongsang head down the hall with Zhoumi chasing after him.

Yehsung continued to stand confused, worried about Henry until he noticed that he and Ryeowook were alone. He immediately began to feel nervous. Before he could speak, the servant turned to the duke.

Yehsung stood shocked seeing Ryeowook's angered expression. The servant tried to control his anger and spoke as calmly as he could.

"What did you do?"




A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 6/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves.

A couple of weeks passed and the 6 boys seemed to get to know each other better, and the queen and Heechul eventually lost their voices due to the unconsiderable amount of squealing over the said past couple of weeks.

'Pass the butter please~ ^_^', read the sign the queen held up at the breakfeast table. The king passed the queen her butter with a smile, the quietness of it all much to pleasing.

'Thank you hunnybunch <3~'

"Your welcome dear."

Yehsung almost choked on his from food from laughing and Ryeowook panicked, patting the duke's back. Strangely enough Henry sat with Zhoumi rather the with Yehsung, vice-versa for Ryeowook.

Sungmin on the other hand went as far as holding Kyuhyun's hands while walking around, sticking with the boy like glue.

"Kyu~ have some of my bacon, say ah~", Kyuhyun blushed as he was fed by Sungmin, who grinned and happily went on about with his breakfeast.

'SQUEAL! <3 <3 <3 <3!!!', read the sign the queen and Heechul were holding up, the queen holding one hand to her mouth, giggling unheard giggles (much to the king's pleasure), and Heechul threw his head back laughing an unaudiable laugh.

Zhoumi rolled his eyes, while Henry continued to eat his breakfeast with that huge smile on his face, cheeks puffing from food.

Soon after breakfeast the king and the queen left for a conference, the queen waving at her 'babies' wildly with a large smile on her face, a sign held up by the other unwaving hand reading, 'Have fun my kittens <3 !!!!!!!!! XOXOXO!'

Heechul just followed at the queen's heel, a sign too held up that had a smirking smiley face on it. Kyuhyun and his cousins stood in mild wonderment, wondering why the queen loved Heechul so much.

Sungmin, Ryeowook, and Henry excused themselves to go and clean up the prince's rooms. Kyuhyun and his cousins sighed as they headed off to their morning classes.

They quickly headed to their 'classrooms' and sat in the three seats there, since they had private tutors.

"Good morning!", their teacher greeted cheerily as he entered. The three smiled, him being one of the nicest teachers they had (they only had 4 teachers).

"Morning teacher", they answered in unison. The said teacher frowned and pouted. "How many times do I have to tell you? Call me Eeteuk."

The three nodded with another grin, and soon they started their english class.

"So as we started from yesterday, turn to pg.94...."


Sungmin, Ryeowook, and Henry sat in the middle of the field near the stables and lay on the grass, talking when all of a sudden came an abrupt blurt.

"I think I like Yehsung."

English done with and now in math class with Mr. #1-Handsome-Guy-In-Korea (thats what the teacher liked to call himself), Yehsung sneezed.

Zhoumi glanced at him and gave him a questioning look. Yehsung just shrugged as he rubbed his nose.

Kyuhyun on the other hand eagerly wrote down and answered all the questions present, being one to love math, and wished the class lasted longer. (Every class was an hour and a half).

Sungmin gaped at the boy who blurted it out. "What!?"

"Um, I said, I uh, kinda, like, um, Yehsung..", Sungmin then abrupted into giggles as he squeezed the cheeks of the boy who confessed.

"Henry's first crush!"

Ryeowook couldn't help but giggle and pinched Henry's cheeks. "Thats great Henry~". This was like something he read from one of his romanc---err action novels. The prince falls in love with the servant scenerio. He giggled again and grasped one of Henry's hands.

"Don't wory Henry, I'll help in anyway I can!"

Sungmin nodded enthusiastically, and Henry couldn't help but grin, blush still on his face.


Zhoumi surpressed a yawn as he listened boredly to his science teacher. Mr. Jaejoong was nice, but he was a man of many, many words when it came to science. He looked to his left to see Yehsung sleeping behind a book placed on the desk, and to his right he saw Kyuhyun barely staying awake.

He glanced back down and continued to doodle the hamster, suspiciously looking like a certain chocolate loving boy.

Everyone looked up quickly alarmed as Mr. Jaejoong slammed the desk with his hands. "Am I boring you gentlemen?"

They shook their heads 'no' desperately, and the teacher merely smirked. "Do you men enjoy my class?" The three nodded vigorously. Another smirk graced the mans (incredibly beautiful) face.

"Alright then, finish chapters one and two by tomorrow, and be prepared for a pop quiz."

The thress groaned, which made the science teacher all the more smirkier.


The three sat in the field for a good two hours, talking about Henry's little crush. They soon invited Eunhyuk and Donghae into their conversatin, since the two were done with the stables till dinner time.

Donghae and Eunhyuk immediately joined in the teasing. Henry flustered and blurted out the first thing that popped in his head.

"S-So! I bet you two are secertly in love with each other!", Eunhyuk and Donghae blushed furiously, eyes wide and waved their arms and hands in wild gestures in denial.

Sungmin and Ryeowook laughed as Henry sighed in relief that the spotlight wasn't on him anymore. (It was on him for like, 2 hours people!)

And so for at least the next hour, merciless teasing was recieved by the two stable boys, who was red and flustered the entire time.


In said next hour, the prince's were in their next class, physical activity, with Mr. Yuhno. They jogged and did multiple exercise, eager to do some horseback riding.

The teacher led the boys to the stables and went to fetch the horses while the three royalties noticed the small group ahead of them in the field.

They headed towards them and soon heard the laughter and flustered cries. Henry was the first to notice them coming and blushed heavily seeing Yehsung. Sungmin and Ryeowook soon noticed and quickly stood to bow at them, the stable boys soon joining the bow.

"Hi Kyu! Your done classes?", Sungmin asked with a grin in hopes the prince was done. Kyuhyun smiled back and shook his head no.

Before anyone else could say anymore, they heard Yuhno's shouts at them to hurry over and waved a quick bye. Henry mustered his courage and yelled out with a blush on his face.

"Have fun Yehsung!", Yehsung merely grinned and headed towards their teacher, a quick wave towards Henry. Henry smiled at the grin-and-wave, and blushed a pleasant pink.

Zhoumi saw the exchange and frowned heavily, and shook his head. 'I shouldn't care... it's not like I like Henry...right?'

Meanwhile a certain advisor saw the whole thing from behind a tree and hurried back to the castle to report. (Since the conference only lasted till mid of math class)

'OH NO! O_O *GASP*', read the queen's sign as she was near the verge of tears, pouting.

'I know! And I don't think Ryeowook realises his LOVE for Yehsung, AND Zhoumi is denying his LOVE for Henry!'

The queen made an inaudiable gasp as she read Heechul's sign. The two continued to exchange signs as the king sat in his thrown, his advisor and chef by his side one more.

"Men, today is a good day."

Siwon and Hankyung nodded in agreement, the silence music to their ears. "God has finally seen the error of giving the two the power of speech, and decided that today was the day to fix the said error."

Hankyung and the king nodded, unconciously saying 'Amen'. The three merely sat there, a looks of pure bliss on their faces.


SORRY FOR THE SUPER LONG UPDATE! Im in korea and i got all sidetraacked and stuff, but here is your update people! :)


A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 5/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves.

Chapter Dedicated to kim_hae_eun because of the comments and reviews that brighten up my day :) THANK YOU :D


After a couple of weeks Sungmin, Ryeowook, and Henry settled in, Sungmin being a little bit more open to the prince while Ryeowook kept his manners while Henry got along with Yehsung swellingly, even as far as making jokes and laughing at the prince. They were friendly towards each other.

"And THEN I jumped behind the fence and they didn't even NOTICE!" Heny laughed, gesturing with his hands a large explosion, exagerrating even with facial expressions.

Well maybe a little too friendly.

Either way, Yehsung laughed along, falling to the ground at the hilarity of it all. Ryeowook tried to look as calm as possible, praying to God that Henry wouldn't get them kicked out.

Yehsung and Henry were patting each others back, linking arms, hugging each other in a drunken manner, and went as far as 'wooting' around the castle, spinning their arms in the air.

Ryeowook could feel the stress building up in him. He tried to breathe, doing exercises as Zhoumi looked at him amused. His servant sure was tightly wound up. He was the only one who hadn't loosened up. He still referred to him formally.

He sighed. Well he would have to work harder to be better friends with him he supposed. He laughed as Henry and Yehsung were having race, riding on the brooms down the hall. The boy was sure a bundle of energy...

Yehsung and Henry panted, tying. Henry collapsed to the ground (its a LONG hall man) and tried to gulp for air. Yehsung pretended to feed his 'horse' some air water. He glanced at Ryeowook and his cousin to see that the servant looked like he was gonna strangle himself while his cousin was staring at Henry.

As Ryeowook made eye contact with him he swiftly turned his head, a tint of pink splashed across his cheeks. Ryeowook merely tilted one head the side, wondering if the prince was possibly sick.

Yehsung glanced over slightly to see the cuteness of Ryeowook and his tilted confused face/head and once again swiftly turned his head to Henry, who was being helped up by Zhoumi.

"I'll take Sir Lancealot here to the kitchens." Yehsung nodded as Zhoumi left with Henry, hand in hand. Said servant didn't seem to notice as he waved at Yehsung with that cute goofy little kid smile. 

Zhoumi glanced at Henry and laughed. Damn Henry was just too cute.

As they turned the corner Yehsung was surprised to see a white hankerchief infront of him. He followed the arm to see Ryeowook smiling at him.

"Here you are your majesty."

Yehsung blushed again as he took the offered item, fingers grazing against the petit boy. Surprised by the tingle he dropped it, quickly bending down to retrieve it as Ryeowook did the same.

Their heads painfully hit each other and they both fell back on their butts, hands on their injury. Ryeowook winced as he rubbed his head gently while Yehsung cried out.

"OW! Dammit that hurt! Ow, ow ow ow ow ow ow~" the duke rubbed his head furiously as Ryeowook blushed and apologized. "Ow, it's okay Ryeowookah, are you alright though?"

Ryeowook nodded, a small smile on his face. Yehsung smlied back brightly looking much like a child. Ryeowook couldn't help but laugh trying to cover his mouth with his hands.

Yehsung's smile widened and he clapped his hands together. "Yay! You laughed Ryeowook! Your laugh is real nice, you should laugh more! Oh can you sing? Do you like to sing? Wanna sing with me!? OH YAH! We should sing together Ryeowookah!"

Ryeowook couldn't help but blush, laughter growing louder, Yehsung too laughing along with the boy. The two merely sat in the middle of the hall, a hankerchief between them, Yehsung telling Ryeowook stories that made him laugh harder.


Henry, being the slow slow hamster he was, didn't seem to notice that he was still walking hand in hand with the duke. He merely skipped along, thinking about a certain chocolate cupcake he spotted earily that morning.

Zhoumi felt himself getting excited, all due to the fact that he was holding the boys hand. He pushed the giddyness aside, putting the feeling into the category of 'brotherly' feelings.

Content he and Henry soon reached the kitchens and Henry immediately sprinted to the pastry section (yes there are many sections in the kitchen) and quickly searched for the much desired cupcake.

Zhoumi leaned against the counter, watching Henry hunt for his food. The said boy was sniffing the air, trying to get the whiff of chocolate he was desperately searching for. Zhoumi chuckled, clearly amused.

After a couple more whiffs Henry spotted his cupcake and grabbed it immeditaley, grabbing a vanilla as he headed to the duke. He smiled as he handed the vanilla to Zhoumi and sat on the counter across from him.

He took a bite of his cupcake and moaned in estcay from the chocolatelyness. Zhoumi felt slightly warm as he heard the moan. Shaking his head he ignored the feeling and bit into the cupcake.

"So, do you like it? I didn't know if you like vanilla or chocolate, buit I wanted the chocolate and so I gave you the vanilla."

Zhoumi almost laughed at seeing Henry's face, chocolate patches covering his face. "You have chocolate on your face."

"Eh?" Henry quickly reached up and wiped the chocolate with his sleeve. "Thanks" he grinned, and Zhoumi chuckled this time, seeing that the boy missed a spot.

He licked his thumb and brought it up to the other boy's face and wiped off the smudge. That seemed to be some sort of wakeup call cause Henry suddenly realised that Zhoumi was a duke and blushed heavily.

He practically fell off the counter and bowed multiple times, a sorry at every bow. Zhoumi laughed out loud and Henry looked up with hesitation, fear and embaressment all over his face.

"I-Its *laugh* alright Henry!" Henry blushed and looked down at his shoes. Zhoumi wiped the tear away from his eyes and smiled at the boy who looked up cautiously.

 "It's alright Henry, you don't have to be so formal around me. Just act like you usually would" the servant boy's eyes lit up as he smiled hopefully at the duke. "R-Really?"

Zhoumi smiled back and nodded. Henry beamed at him and immediately started talking about how delicious the cupcake was and how he should give the chef an award.

Zhoumi tried to ignore the butterflies in his stomach once he saw Henry's beaming face. They continued to talk about various things in life, not noticing that a certain chef and his girly-boyfriend watch behind the crack of the slightly open door.

The said girly man grinned, which to the chef looked completely unsafe. "Her majesty would be so pleased by this scenery right here."

Hankyung sighed as he faced his boyfriend with worry etched on his face. Heechul merely snickered to himself, remembering every single thing that happened as so he could report to the queen in full detail.

" scratch that most of the time scare me." The man merely smirked wider as he gave a peck on the other males cheek. "Yah and thats why you love me~"

Hankyung merely rolled his eyes, a small smile on his lips.


Kyuhyun tugged at Sungmin's hand to the stables and led him to a stall which contained a beautiful black horse, coat gleaming and mane brushed smoothly.

Sungmin gulped, having a slight fear of animals other then rabbits, and unconciously leaned into Kyuhyun lightly, clutching his arm.

"Come one Sungmin hyung, I'll get you a horse!" Kyuhyun was too excited to notice that his hyung seemed to be slightly terrified of the animal.

"I-Its okay Kyuhyunah, y-you can go b-by yourself, I-I'll wait h-here."

Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow as he turned to his hyung. "Hyung...are you scared of horses?" Sungmin gulped and nodded, "I-Im also s-scared of a-animals in g-general."

Kyuhyun chuckled, his hyungs expression too cute for words, and pulled at his arm lightly. "Don't worry hyung, you can ride with me today."

Sungmin shook his head no and clung to Kyuhyun's arm harder as the horse leaned into him. "Pleeeeaaasssee~ hyung? For me?" Sungmin looked up to see the prince and his irresistably cute puppy dog eyes and his even cuter pout. Trying to resist he tried to say no. Which somehow ended up into a hesitant 'o-okay'.

Grinning he called the stable boys to fetch the horse gear and equipment. One of the boys ran towards the prince with a large gum showing grin. "Ah, Prince Kyu, long time no see."

Kyuhyun smiled back as the boy started to prepare the horse. "Hey Eunhyuk hyung!" Eunhyuk just laughed as he strapped the horse its equipment.

Soon enough another stable boy ran towards them, carrots in hand and waved excitedly. "KYU~!!!" Sungmin blinked in slight shock, surprised that many were actually friendly with Kyuhyun.

"Ah, hey Fishy hyung~" said hyung pouted as he handed the horse a carrot. "It's DONGHAE! Or Aiden!" he smiled goofily and Sungmin couldn't help but laugh.

Eunhyuk and Donghae seemed to finally notice Sungmin, who was safely behind the prince at this point, grinned.

"OHHHH~ Kyuhyun has a LOVER???" Eunhyuk teased as Donghae wiggled his eyebrows. The prince and his servant blushed furiously as they stepped apart from each other.

"N-NO! I-I'm j-just his s-servant!" Donghae and Eunhyuk 'oohed' and dropped it, much to the two blushing boys relief.

"So your one of the servants aye? We only heard, first time meeting you. I'm Eunhyuk by the way." Eunhyuk grinned and Donghae jumped in immediatley to introduce himself. "AND I'M DONNNGGGHAEEE~"

Sungmin smiled, they were nice. "I'm Sungmin."

The four talked more, Donghae and Eunhyuk bringing the lover thing back up, which flustered Kyuhyun and Sungmin even further. Soon Eunhyuk and Donghae bid them farewell and left, tending to the other horses.

Kyuhyun grabbed Sungmin's hand and gently lifted the boy up on the horse and soon followed after. The moment he was on Sungmin clutched onto Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun merely chuckled.

"Don't worry hyung, just hold on tight." Sungmin buried his head into Kyuhyun's back and nodded. Soon Kyuhyun signaled the horse to move. They left the field and into a forest, Kyuhyun making small talk, trying to ease Sungmin from his fear.

"I wanna show you this place, it's really nice. Yehsung and Zhoumi are the only ones who know about it. I think you'll like it as much as I do."

Soon as he finished his sentence, they came into a clearing that was small, quiet, and quite beautiful. Not extraordinarily like those secret gardens he read from  those romance novels (which belonged to Ryeowook mind you, Sungmin was merely glancing at each and every page, GOSH) but its simplicity was beautiful.

Not colourful flowers that were all over  the field, but instead small forget-me-nots and daisies were splattered all over the hill, and a tall tree that shaded the area beneath it. No birds that sang songs, no pesky squirrels, just a couple of butterflies and dragonflies were in the area.

The grass wasn't a fresh spring green, it was just a nice shade of regular green, and the leaves on the tree didn't sparkle in the sun. It just swayed gently in the wind, and Sungmin smiled widely.

"Its...perfect..." Kyuhyun smiled hearing the breathlessness in his hyungs voice. "Glad you like it. It's simple and all, nothing magical or anything like that..."

Sungmin smiled wider as he grabbed Kyuhyun's hand. "Yah but its realistic, its nice, its peaceful. It brings a nice calm feeling just being here."

Kyuhyun blushed lightly and smiled back at his hyung and got off the horse, catching his hyung as he jumped off. They gave the horse an apple and let it rest as Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin to the small open hill.

Kyuhyun sat down, Sungmin beside him. They started to talk about random things, not noticing the time that passed, just focusing on each other, enjoying the time they shared.


Back in the castle, a certain translator spilled the beans to the all too eager queen and a loud squeal abrupted from the two.

"THAT IS ADORABLE!!! I TOLD you I had a good feeling about Henry!" The queen and Heechul squealed some more and clasped their hands in joy, hopping up and down in excitement.

"AND, I was informed by the stable boys that the Prince and Sungmin left the field and into the forest!" The king sighed as his beloved wife and her 'best girlfriend' squealed like little girls who got a boyfriend for the first time.

He rubbed his temples and faced the chef and his advisor. "What are they?" Hankyung sighed while Siwon closed his book. "Its a mystery still undiscovered. We have the best researchers and scientists in the country trying to figure this out as we speak."

Hankyung looked wearily at Siwon as he leaned into the man, arms wrapping around him, the king merely wondering how those two could squeal for this long. 

"I think we need psychiatrists rather then scientists..."


Im sorry it wasnt ultra special or anything .. :(
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A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 4/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves.

"Um, Sungmin?"

The boy sat up immediately hearing his name and faced the doorway to see the prince trying to hold in his laughter. Blushing he leapt up from the ground and attempted to fix his hair as the prince walked in.

Smiling, Kyuhyun reached behind Sungmin's head and fixed a piece of hair sticking out, causing the boy to blush even more. Laughing he sat in one of the arm chairs, gesturing Sungmin to take the other across from him.

"S-So, h-how did it go with the q-queen your majesty?" Kyuhyun sighed, rubbing his temples. "Well apparently, your bed was 'stolen by talking, walking orange rats that wore green shirts' because they 'claimed' that their 'main diet' was a servant's bed."

Sungmin blinked in confusion. "O-Orange r-rats?"

Kyuhyun sighed heavily. "I know, my mother is a terrible liar. Couldn't lie to save her own life." Sungmin coughed, trying not to laugh. The queen sure had a 'fun' personality.

They sat in awkward silence. "I'll sleep on one of the chairs, you can take the bed Sungmin." The servant shook his head furiously. "N-No your majesty! I-I'll sleep on the chair! I-I can sleep on anything, i-it was my previous living condition afterall."

Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow before a small smile broke out. "Well I don't mind if we share the bed, its large enough to hold 3-4 people. Are you alright with that?"

Sungmin blushed but nodded, happy that the prince was so kind. They decided to go down and eat dinner, Kyuhyun leading as always. They entered the room and sat down, the others already seated besides the king and queen.

"U-Um do we w-wait for her majesty?" Sungmin asked. Kyuhyun said no, saying that the king and queen ate seperately from them to give them some privacy.

Zhoumi snorted, "More like, 'I want to keep the LOVE between me and my kingy-wingy bear to continue to BURRN with the passion of YOUTH!!!', quoted from the queen herself."

Kyuhyun flushed in embaressment while Zhoumi and Yehsung laughed so hard they turned pink. Ryeowook looked down, trying to hold in his laughter as Henry bit his tongue while Sungmin coughed again.

"A-Anyways, Sungmin you sit beside me." As the sat they food came in and the three servant boys gasped in amazement. Ryeowook looked away from the plate as he turned to Zhoumi.

"S-Shouldn't we eat with the other servants your majesty?" Zhoumi smiled as he placed a large portion of a chicken leg on Ryeowook's plate. "No you guys are our personal slaves, so you get special priviledges."

Yehsung and Kyuhyun groaned. "Why do you sound so damn perverted Mimi? You give us nobles a bad name."

Zhoumi merely smirked as he reached for the pork, taking the biggest chunk he could earning him a protest from Yehsung.

Henry's mind however seemed to focus on the food alone, forgetting he was in the presence of three royals he scarfed down the food like there was no tomorrow. Ryeowook and Sungmin tried to stop him in horror at Henry's behaviour, stopped by Zhoumi as he placed a finger in front of his smiling mouth, telling them to stay quiet.

He watched the boy and couldn't believe how adorable he was at eating. Maybe this was brotherly love? Yah it had to be it. What other explantion was there?

With that set in mind he piled more food on Henry's plate, chuckling as the boy looked up at him with a huge smile, puffed up cheeks, mouth full of food, and twinkling crinkled eyes.

Unfortunately Henry forgot all about Zhoumi being a duke, and thanked him, some food spitting out, and dug back in. Zhoumi merely blinked and then laughed, wiping off some of the bits.

Sungmin would have banged his head on the table if not for the plate in front of him and Ryeowook was currently being distracted by Yehsung who insisted on having all of the servant boy's attention to himself.

He was startled when bread appeared in front of him. He looked to he side to see the prince smiling and offering him the said piece of bread. With a small smile he accepted it, fingers brushing slightly against each other sending a small shock down his spine. He turned a shy shade of pink and looked down at his plate, missing the small blush on the prince's face.

Zhoumi, being the sly dog he was, noticed the small interaction and smiled to himself looking towards Yehsung's direction and faltered seeing the boy wave his arms in the air dramatically, telling Ryeowook about his adventure with king kong and the dinosaurs.

He sighed to himself. Yehsung probably didn't even know what a god damn dinosaur was.


As dinner was finished Henry was still in a daze, merely following Yehsung as the duke called him while Zhoumi chuckled and tugged Ryeowook in the direction they were going.

Kyuhyun stood and asked if Sungmin didn't mind going to the library with him, and Sungmin merely nodded. The two strode down the hall and into a library and Sungmin gasped again.

Every inch of the walls were covered in books, a ladder along the shelves to reach at the ones higher up. A fire place was set against the wall on one side, a rug and royal purple carpet covering the floors. Chairs, cushions, and tables were scattered throughout the room, and a window was on the wall in front of him, a small enough lege to fit in two people to sit on.

"Yah this is my personal library, help yourself to any of the books at anytime. You can take some out if you'd like." Sungmin merely nodded, still amazed by the size and the extravagence of one single library.

Kyuhyun sat down in one of the chairs, picking up a book that was placed on the seat and began reading. Sungmin immediately began searching for a book. Despite being a servant, he and his dongsangs were highly capable of readining and writing.

He was surprised to find many genres, even romance on the shelves and plucked out a romance book, knowing Ryeowook would enjoy it. He continued searching and even found a book Henry would like.

Sungmin then looked at one of the books a little higher up on the shelves and almost dropped the books he was holding, squealing in delight.

There, on the high shelf was a book on something Sungmin was always interested in learning. War tactics. Of course Sungmin despised war with all his cute little heart, but he loved creating war tactics. It was fun.

Some think its slightly disturbing, but he found the thing fun. Not actually going to war, god no, just being able to strategize it all and making yourself feel like a bloody genius.

Kyuhyun looked up from his book and smiled, seeing the boy happy made him feel content. He watched the boy, book aside, and continued to laugh to himself quietly.

Sungmin eagerly placed the books he was holding on a shelf and grabbed unto a ladder, climbing up. He was unaware at how truely high up he was. Not enough to die, but he could sprain a ankle.

He reached the book, fingers slightly grazing the spine of the book. Huffing in fustration he reached further, not noticing the ladder starting to lean on the side.

As he continued to lean, the more the ladder started to lean dangerously. Kyuhyun shouted out to Sungmin to be careful and lean back, which he couldn't hear.

Kyuhyun ran towards the boy just as he grabbed the book the ladder falling to one side, pulling Sungmin down with it. He squeezed his eyes shut and screamed, waiting for the pain.

He felt himself hit something rather soft and heard the ladder crash to the ground, some books falling off the shelves. He felt arms wrap around his body and he opened his eyes to see the prince's face.

"A-Are you alright Sungmin?" Sungmin's eyes widened as he realized the prince almost hurt himself to save him from his fall. "I-I'm so s-sorry your majesty! A-Are you alright, a-are you hurt--"

"Calm down Sungmin, I'm fine." Sungmin quieted but still eyed the prince worridly. As he was about to utter another word, footsteps came running down the hall and the door bursted open, queen rushing in the room.

"K-KYUHYUN!? K-KYUHYUN ARE YOU ALRIG---" The queen stopped seeing the two boys on the ground and then squealed, eyes twinkling so much that it looked as if she stole the stars and shoved them in her eyes.

"Hohoho! Seems as if it was nothing, shoo shoo shoo guards!" The guards sighed with relief as they left the library, queen following behind them. "Don'y worry Kyuhyunnie~ We won't barge in anymore~"

As the doors closed, the two boys on the floor looked bewildered and confused. They looked at each other and realized just how close their face was and soon realized the 'position' they were in.

Kyuhyun had Sungmin between his bent legs, arms around Sungmin while the boy was leaning heavily against his chest, practically clingy to the prince, their faces a hands length apart from each other.

Blushing furiously Sungmin jumped up and helped Kyuhyun up, apologizing profusely. "I-Im so v-very sorry y-your majesty! I-I should have been m-more careful, I-I'm so sorr--"

"S-Sungmin it's alright." Sungmin stopped and looked down, still blushing. Kyuhyun, too red in the face, cleared his throat. "A-And stop calling my 'your majesty'. Just call me Kyuhyun."

Sungmin tried to protest, but decided against it. It was the prince's command after all. "Y-Yes, um, K-Kyuhyun." Kyuhyun blushed again, but smiled, liking that Sungmin was calling him by his name. Sungmin too felt happy (but confused, cause he's like dense), liking how the name rolled off his tongue.

"H-How old are you anyways Sungmin?"


"Eh!? Really!? Cool, your my hyung then!" Sungmin couldn't help but give a small laugh. "Your majest--I mean K-Kyuhyun, I'm your servant, you can't call me h-hyung."

Kyuhyun gave a small pout. "I'm the prince, so I can call you anything I want. Can I call you hyung?"

Sungmin blushed, "D-Do as you wish."

Kyuhyun and Sungmin smiled at each other, wondering how falling off the ladder and getting into a intimate position cracked the ice between them.


Yehsung lead the way as Henry followed him, still in a daze. Zhoumi and Ryeowook secertly followed behind, Zhoumi amused at Henry's dazed smile and Ryeowook horrified.

Yehsung whistled a tune until Henry spoke up, tired, and STILL not realising Yehsung was royalty. "Can I sleep?" Yehsung paused and turned around to Henry (which nearly gave Ryeowook a heart attack) and smiled a huge 'Yehsung' smile.

"Sure! Come with me!" And Soon the reached Yehsung and Henry's room. "Your bed is on the left Henry." Henry merely nodded, rubbed his eyes and went in. Yehsung turned to face the corner Zhoumi and Ryeowook were hiding in.

"Zhoumi you weirdo, come out! I'm not that stupid." Zhoumi chuckled and tugged Ryeowook out with him. For some odd reason, Yehsung didn't know why but Zhoumi holding onto Ryeowook's hand bothered him.

"You can go in and see Henry if you'd like Ryeowook." Ryeowook sighed with relief, and thanked Yehsung as he went in the room. Zhoumi leaned against the wall and the two duke's chatted.

Ryeowook reached Henry and sat beside him, smiling at how cute his baby dongsang was. He pushed some hair back and kissed Henry's forehead. He tucked him in firmly and petted Henry's cheeks lightly before getting up the bed, whispering a quiet 'sweet dreams'.

As Ryeowook came out, the queen and some guards rushed past them. Startled Ryeowook panicked. "I-Is something the m-matter?"

Zhoumi and Yehsung merely shrugged, not necessarily caring since the queen tended to have 'races' with her guards at least once a month although she didn't laugh her signarture 'hohoho' laugh.

"Someone screamed, bet you so much it was Heechul." Zhoumi grinned. Yehsung laughed out loud nodding in agreement. Ryeowook merely looked sceptically before sighing and letting it go.

Zhoumi yawned as he stretched. "Let's go to sleep Ryeowook." Ryeowook merely yawned softly, hand covering his mouth as he nodded. Yehsung wished them a good night and stared after Ryeowook as he and his cousin turned the corner.

He shook his head and head inside his room and closed the door, not noticing the queen at the other end of the hallway seeing what had happened.

She hohoho'ed. "Oh~ Yehsungnie is finally interested in Zhoumi's little sheep~ Wahh double wedding!!"

She squealed and clasped her hands together, failing to notice her guards sweatdrop (anime style!). Seemed that without Heechul she could talk for herself, and rather loudly too.


Long enough? I tried, I really did~


A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 3/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves.


Kyuhyun kept staring into his room, bewildered. Sungmin glanced at the prince worriedly and spoke in ever so quietly.

"U-Um, your m-majesty? W-What is the matter?" Kyuhyun snapped out and blushed heavily as he tried to hide his face. "D-Don't you see anything strange about my bedroom right now? I mean, OUR bedroom?"

Sungmin glanced back to the room, not noticing anything peculiar about the room. A kingsized wardrobe, a large oak desk, two velvet red chairs, a lamp on each side of the large bed, a small table beside the said the large bed, and a doorway to which he assumed led to the washroom.

"U-Um I'm afraid I d-don't understand.."

The prince tried to cover his face, blush getting hotter cause his servant looks kinda cute all confused. "Sungmin, you and me are living in this room together. Furniture Sungmin, furniture."

Sungmin once again glanced back at the room in puzzlement. Two chairs, two lamps, one desk, one small table thingy, one wardobe, one bed...

Sungmin blinked. He backtracked.

One bed!? 

He heated up immediately, body ridged at the realization. The prince slapped a hand on his forehead and looked away from the blushing boy. They stood in silence, screaming at themselves mentally.

"I-I'll go talk to my mother about this. J-Just, um, make yourself at home." He left the room as Sungmin tried to relax.

'Calm down Sungmin, calm down. Breathe, breathe.'

He opened his eyes and timidly started to look around the room, amazed at all the expensiveness (its a word in the story). He sat down in the middle of the plush carpet and glanced at the door. Sure that no one was approaching the room he giggled to himself and lay back onto the soft red carpet.

He couldn't believe the luck of him and his precious dongsangdels being taking under the queen's care, who was extremely kind might he add. He swore to himself to please the queen at all costs, and giggeld once more.

It was luxury from here on out.

Well as much luxury as a servant of a royal household could get, but a hell lot better than that rat celler he was in before. He sighed, spreading his arms out and flapping around, attempting to bury himself into the softyness of the carpet (yet again a word in the story). He failed to notice a rather amused prince at the doorway, struggling not to laugh.


Zhoumi already showed Ryeowook the room and pointed at the smaller (but still rather big) bed on the other side of the room across from his. He found it extremely difficult to talk to the said boy if all he did was nod or bow.

"Come on Ryeowook, lets go for a walk."

Said boy nodded and followed behind quietly, much to Zhoumi's irritation. They came across the kitchen to see Henry and Yehsung talking animatedly. Well Yehsung was.

"And THEN I jumped up the cliff and slayed the big, bad dragon!"

Henry was blushing and at the same time trying to hold down the giggle with his hands. Zhoumi intruppted before Yehsung could even squeeze another word in.


Zhoumi shook his head in amused dismay as his cousin waved at him frantically, when they were right infront of each other. "Yehsung, please refrain yourself from acting like an absolute idiot."

Yehsung shouted out in protest as Henry and Ryeowook looked on amused, giggling behind their hands. Yehsung's attention was diverted quickly hearing Ryeowook giggle.

"Hey! You giggle pretty! And your hands looks like a girls!" He failed to notice Ryeowook heat up and Zhoumi couldn't help but laugh quietly to himself, seeing Ryeowook flustered was pretty funny.

He turned to Henry and saw him duck his head swiftly avoiding his gaze. The confusion still shrouded his mind, afterall he was a women pursuer for all 18 years of his life.

"Your Henry right?" He chuckled as he saw the boy nod vigorously, finding him rather amusing. "I'm Zhoumi."

Henry nodded again and looked up from beneath his bangs, looking so damn fuckin adorable it should have been illegal. Zhoumi practically melted as he pulled Henry close to him.

"Wahhhhhh~ Henry~ your so cute~"

Henry blushed furiously, not knowing what to do, since pushing a noble as him was like punching the queen in the face. He stood ridgedly as Zhoumi kept cradling him, practically whining about how cute Henry was, and how unfair it was for the women in the world.

"Wahhhhhh~ Henry, women won't go near you in fear of you outshining them! Wahhh too cute Henry~"

Yehsung and Ryeowook looked on, the servant stuttering and blushing, while the noble jokingly telling Zhoumi Henry was his.


Heechul cackled as he sat in his chair, legs kicked up on a table. His lovers looked at him wearily, one cutting fruits, the other reading a thick novel.

"I'm a fuckin genius! This is gonna be so much fun!" The one cutting the apple shook his head. "Heechul, you shouldn't interfere like that..."

"But Hannie~ love needs obstacles to overcome!"

'Hannie' shook his head in dismay once more as he continued to finish cutting the fruits. The one reading the novel, Siwon, sighed as he placed the book down.

"Hyung, Hankyung is right." Heechul merely stuck his tongue out at him and snatched a piece of fruit from the plate. Siwon came up behind the chef, wrapping one arm around him, the other reaching for a piece of a banana.

"Your just lucky the queen is like in love with you. You guys are like sisters or something!" Hankyung cried out as he cleaned the knife. Heechul pulled Siwon to himself and clung on to the boy.

"I know! Isn't it great!?" The two taller males sighed in unison, amazed. They were gay, yet they both loved a man who was practically a girl, just with a penis and no boobs. Irony of it all. 


A/N: In my fic Siwon and Hankyung love each other as much as they love Heechul. Just a FYI



A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 3/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves. 

A/N; after this im not gonna put on the summary and story paragraph above, okie? I just assume that when people click this chapters link, they're getting the story they clicked for...


Kyuhyun didn't know who to choose. Well he did actually, Sungmin to be exact, but he didn't want his mother to know he was just slightly interested in the smaller male, for surely she would squeal in delight and never stop teasing him for the rest of his life.

Heechul stood by quietly (surprisingly) and watched with amused eyes, already knowing who each of the royal boys preferred. He saw that the prince was highly uncapable to decide for himself as of the moment and decided he needed some entertainment in this damn castle.

"Your majesty, how about I pick for the prince? He seems to be in quite a dilema, and I would like to asisst him on this difficult task."

The queen pouted but nodded, seeing her son was indeed having a difficult time. Heechul smirked, knowing he could match them up correctly and have a happily ever after moment for them, or he could spice things up and bring some life into this damn castle.

Well this is Heechul after all. "Well your majesty, Prince Kyuhyun will take Sungmin." Heechul decided he had enough drama with Siwon and his damn religion.

Kyuhyun sighed inwardly with relief and then wondered exactly why he was so relieved. The queen's eyes lighted up, agreeing with the coupl-- um, pairing.

"Oh goody! And how about you Zhoumi? Yehsung?" Yehsung was still in mental shock while Zhoumi was pondering whether the cheeks were still cute or not, completely missing the queen's question.

Heechul cleared his throat. "Your majesty, I would be obliged to pick for Duke Zhoumi and Duke Yehsung." He decided that maybe, some drama would be alright.

The queen caught the glint in her translators eyes and nodded swiftly in agreement. Heechul could barely contain his smirk. "Well Duke Zhoumi shall take Ryeowook and Duke Yehsung shall take Henry."

Zhoumi and Yehsung snapped out of their shock/ponderment, slightly disappointed but smiled non the less. Confusion swirled in the pit of their stomachs, wondering where the sudden feeling of dissatisfaction came from.

The queen squealed once more and clasped her hands together, giggled, then pointed to the door.

"What the queen is saying is: Oh goody goody! I due hope you like your present and don't worry Kyuhyunnie~ mommy has another present just for you! Now if you excuse me, I have to go and finish the party so the three of you may rest, okay? Bye bye~"

And with that translated, the queen and Heechul practically skipped out of the room, both of them giggling and 'hohoho'-ing to their hearts content.

The three servents watched in fascination, wondering how small actions as clasping hands could lead to a run on sentence. Kyuhyun merely shook his head, a small smile on his face, while Zhoumi and Yehsung were still wondering where the disappointment was coming from.

Was it something they ate?

Kyuhyun snapped them out of their daze as he cleared his throat. "So, um, Sungmin, um, follow me?" Sungmin nodded, head ducked down avoiding the prince's gaze.

Kyuhyun left, leading Sungmin out the door and to his bedroom. Zhoumi stared at their retreating backs, took a swift glance at Henry, and then turned to Ryeowook with a smile.

"Come Ryeowook." And the two too left the room, Yehsung staring at Zhoumi's servant. Henry stood there fidgeting, until Yehsung's gaze finally landed on him. He recieved a big smile from the duke, making him blush slightly.

"Come on Henry~"

And thw two left the study room, closing the doors behind them.


Sungmin followed quietly from behind as Kyuhyun tried not to look back. They walked silence and soon reached his bedroom. Well their bedroom now.

He opened the doors and Sungmin gasped quietly, amazed at expensively furnished room. As he examined the room, he the prince came to a slightly confusing conclusion.


Okay i was gonna right more, but my computer is fucked up again. my quotations and symbols are messed up. currently my question mark is this: É and there are more problems. Lemme fix it, but next half of the chapter is longer, PROMISE!




A Prince and His Manservant

Title: A Prince and His Manservant
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Length: 2/?
Rating: NC-13, Language!
Pairings: Kyumin, Zhoury, Yehwook, (MAIN), and etc.
Members: Super Junior, DBSK
Disclaimer: Do not own nothing but the story plot!

Summary: The king and queen of South Korea decide that their son and their two beloved nephews needed love. So they bought them three slaves. 

Kyuhyun sighed heavily as he sat in his chair staring rather boredly at the people around him laughing, drinking, and conversing. He sighed again as he tried to smile at the people he was currently talking to.

Zhoumi and Yehsung watched from across the ballroom at their baby cousin and rolled their eyes, knowing that he would rather be in his library then at his own birthday party.

The ballroom was one of the largest in the country and was decorated extravagently, silk curtains of purple, red and blue hanging from the ceilings with five diamond chandilers hanging around the room. Many decorations were put up, and the food never looked so delicious.

Kyuhyun sighed (once again) as the people left him in peace (at last), and groaned as he plopped down on his chair. Zhoumi and Yehsung were at his side in an instant.

"Don't worry dear cousin, you can leave as soon as your mother dismisses you", Zhoumi soothed as a smirk was placed upon his face. Yehsung nodded in agreement, unable to talk due to the massive amount of food in his mouth.

The main doors suddenly bursted open and the queen strode in with her escort by her side, a wide smile on her face. The people hushed as the queen asked for their attention.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for attending Prince Kyuhyun's 18th birthday party!", a round of applause filled the room and soon died as the queen asked for their attention once more.

"Now as the clock strikes the final hour, I present to you our present to the prince!" People once again clapped, many curious as to what the gift may be.

The queen clapped her hands three times and gestured their attention to the door. Soon three boys strode in the room, wearing fine clothing looking much more cleaner and healthier. Many people gasped and cooed at the three adorable looking boys.

Sungmin, Ryeowook, and Henry blushed and quickened their pace until they were by the queen's side. The queen smiled, pleased that many people approved of them.

"My present to you Kyuhyun is your very own personal servant! I even went through the trouble to get my precious nephews one too!" The people laughed and applauded once more, diverting their attention to see the royal princes' face.

Kyuhyun looked per normal, smiling and thanking his mother, unknown to the people that his heart momentarily stopped seeing such a beauitful face. Zhoumi showed his interest for the boy quite bluntly, smirking at the adorable hamster cheeks. Yehsung was blushing, looking at the quiet boy with high cheekbones.

"Now, continue the party! Kyuhyun, Zhoumi, Yehsung, may I have a word with you outside?" the party came back to life as people started gushing about the very good-looking servants.

Kyuhyun and his cousins bid people goodbye and headed towards the door and followed the queen to the study room. The queen turned to face them with a large smile on her face.

"So? Do you like your present?"

The three boys nodded and thanked the queen as she giggled. "Oh I'm so glad you do! They'll be sleeping in your rooms, seperate beds of course! But you know, personal servants have to sleep with their masters and all."

Kyuhyun cleared his throat nervously. "Um, mother, isn't it a common thing for the servant to be the same gender as their master?"

The queen raised her eyebrow questioningly. "Yes..."

Kyuhyun cleared his throat once more. "T-Then why did you get us w-women?"

The queen's eyes enlarged as she started to laugh, the three said servant boys faces heated up. The three princes looked at the queen worriedly, as she continued to laugh, trying to produce words.

"-GASP- haha t-they -GASP-CACKLE-SNORT-"

"What the queen is trying to say is that: Haha! They're BOYS! Silly, silly Kyuhyun!" he even added a rather sharp cackle for effect.

The three servants cowered as the pretty man translated, and saw him look at them from the corner of his eyes.

Zhoumi seemed to find the cheeks unappealing and watched the said hamster boy squirm under his gaze. Yehsung was in mild mental shock, not knowing how a boy could be that pretty.

Kyuhyun blushed heavily in embarressment and looked away from his mother, who was starting to calm down. She wiped the tears out of her eyes as she started to speak.

"Hoho, Kyuhyun you make me laugh~ Anyways, this is Sungmin", said boy bowed quickly, "Ryeowook", he too bowed, "and Henry", he squeaked and bowed swiftly at least five times.

"Aren't they adorable!? So Kyuhyun you get the first pick, since after all, you the birthday prince!"

Kyuhyun tried to smile, and cleared his throat.

"I pick...."


WHO WILL IT BE!!!??? Probably obvious, but I wanted a cliffy! :)